A Pharmacology Primer, 4th Edition

Techniques for More Effective and Strategic Drug Discovery

A Pharmacology Primer, 4th Edition,Terry Kenakin,ISBN9780124076631


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Authored by world-renowned pharmacologist, Terry P. Kenakin, the 4th edition of the Primer focuses on advances in structure based drug design, data-driven drug discovery and screening technologies to provide the optimal resource for all those involved in drug discovery

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Key Features

    • Highlights changes surrounding the strategy of drug discovery to provide you with a comprehensive reference featuring advances in the methods involved in lead optimization and more effective drug discovery
    • Includes a new chapter on data-driven drug discovery in terms of the optimal design of pharmacological experiments to identify mechanism of action of new molecules
    • Illustrates the application of rapid inexpensive assays to predict activity in the therapeutic setting, showing data outcomes and the limitations inherent in interpreting this data


    A Pharmacology Primer: Techniques for More Effective and Strategic Drug Discovery, 4th Edition features the latest ideas and research about the application of pharmacology to the process of drug discovery to equip readers with a deeper understanding of the complex and rapid changes in this field. Written by well-respected pharmacologist, Terry P. Kenakin, this primer is an indispensable resource for all those involved in drug discovery. This edition has been thoroughly revised to include material on data-driven drug discovery, biased signaling, structure-based drug design, drug activity screening, drug development (including pharmacokinetics and safety Pharmacology), and much more. With more color illustrations, examples, and exercises throughout, this book remains a top reference for all industry and academic scientists and students directly involved in drug discovery, or pharmacologic research.


    Industry, academic and regulatory scientists involved in drug discovery or pharmacologic research, medicinal chemists and industrial chemists; graduate and post-doctoral students in pharmacology and pharmaceutical science programs

    Terry Kenakin

    Terry P. Kenakin is the recipient of the 2008 Poulsson Medal for Pharmacology awarded by the Norwegian Society of Pharmacology for achievements in basic and clinical pharmacology and toxicology. He has also been awarded the 2011 Ariens Award from the Dutch Pharmacological Society and the 2014 Gaddum Memorial Award from the British Pharmacological Society. Having been involved in drug discovery for over 30 years, his interests include the optimal design of drug activity assays systems and quantitative drug receptor theory. He is a member of numerous editorial boards as well as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Receptors and Signal Transduction and Current Opinion in Pharmacology. In addition, Dr. Kenakin has authored numerous articles and has also written a number of books on pharmacology.

    Affiliations and Expertise

    PhD, Professor of Pharmacology, The University of North Carolina School Of Medicine, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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    A Pharmacology Primer, 4th Edition

    Chapter 1 – What is Pharmacology?
    Chapter 2 – How Different Tissues Process Drug Response
    Chapter 3 – Drug Receptor Theory
    Chapter 4 – Pharmacological Assay Formats: Binding
    Chapter 5 – Agonists: The Measurement of Affinity and Efficacy in Functional Assays
    Chapter 6 – Orthosteric Drug Antagonism
    Chapter 7 – Allosteric Drug Interactions
    Chapter 8 – Drug Discovery
    Chapter 9 – Drug Development: Pharmacokinetics and Safety Pharmacology
    Chapter 10 – Target-and System-based Strategies for Drug Discovery
    Chapter 11 – Lead Optimization: Data-Driven Analysis
    Chapter 12 – Statistics and Experimental Design
    Chapter 13 – Selected Pharmacological Methods
    Chapter 14 – Exercises in Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics
    Glossary of Pharmacological Terms
    Statistical Tables
    Mathematical Fitting Functions

    Quotes and reviews

    "This edition adds solid overviews of emerging topics in the field...which keep it at the cutting edge of receptor pharmacology...a valuable resource for students of pharmacology and all members of drug discovery and design teams. Rating: 4 Stars"--Doody's.com, 19-Sep-14

    “…a major strength of the present monograph is the author’s long-standing commitment to the didactic promotion of the discipline of pharmacology as the primary, unifying discipline of drug discovery. This monograph remains the key reference work in pharmacology and receptor theory, providing an irreplaceable yet accessible reference source for all scientists involved in biomedical research as it pertains to drug discovery.”--Drug Development Research, June 27, 2014

    "A wonderful contribution to the world of pharmacology that takes the reader from introductory information to advanced receptor theory.  This book will be useful to both students and seasoned researchers alike. Beautifully illustrated and clearly written, this book is a welcome addition to every library."  

    –P Michael Conn, PhD, Senior Vice President for Research and Associate Provost, Professor of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, Professor of Cell Biology and Biochemistry, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, TX

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