Early development in neurogenetic disorders

Early development in neurogenetic disorders, 1st Edition

Early development in neurogenetic disorders, 1st Edition,ISBN9780123744784

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This special issue is among the first volumes to examine the topic of early development in children with neurogenetic disorders associated with intellectual disability.

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Key Features

The main selling points of this volume are:

    • the comprehensive nature of the reviews of early development in neurogenetic disorders provided by top researchers in the field of developmental disabilities research.
    • innovation in the application of new approaches to this population, such dynamic systems theory and the developmental trajectory approach to studying these populations place this volume on the cutting edge of theoretical work in this area
    • this volume also addresses the implications of emerging behavioural phenotypes in neurogenetic disorders from many angles-the biological issues related to diagnosis, psychiatric issues related to comorbid conditions such as autism and autism spectrum disorder, and educational issues related to targeted intervention


This special issue is among the first volumes to examine the topic of early development in children with neurogenetic disorders associated with intellectual disability. It includes discussions of theoretical issues regarding the emergence of behavioural profiles during early development, as well as comprehensive accounts of early development in specific disorders such as Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, Williams syndrome, and sex chromosome disorders. In addition, several contributions examine the latest clinical applications of this work for diagnosis, treatment, and education.


Academic researchers in developmental and cognitive psychology, as well as neuropsychology.

Early development in neurogenetic disorders, 1st Edition

  1. Static snapshots versus dynamic approaches to genes, brain, cognition and behaviour in neurodevelopmental disabilities
  2. Annette Karmiloff-Smith

  3. Emerging Behavioral Phenotypes and Dynamic Systems Theory
  4. Deborah J. Fidler, Erika Lunkenheimer and Laura Hahn

  5. Developmental trajectories in genetic disorders
  6. Victoria C. P. Knowland & Michael S. C. Thomas

  7. Early Development in Fragile X Syndrome: Implications for Developmental Screening
  8. Donald B. Bailey, Heather Cody Hazlett, Jane E. Roberts and Anne C. Wheeler

  9. The early development of adaptive behavior and functional performance in young children with Down syndrome: Current knowledge and future directions
  10. Lisa Daunhauer and Deborah Fidler

  11. Sex chromosome aneuploidies: A window for examining the effects of the X and Y chromosomes on speech, language, and social development
  12. Nancy Raitano Lee, Katherine C. Lopez, Elizabeth I. Adeyemi and Jay N. Giedd

  13. Social-perceptual and social-cognitive skills in young children with Williams syndrome: Evidence for discontinuity
  14. Susan L. Hepburn, Deborah Fidler, Laura Hahn and Amy Philofsky

  15. Innovations in the Early Diagnosis of Chromosomal Disorders Associated with Intellectual Disability
  16. Lisa G. Shaffer

  17. Diagnosing Autism in Individuals with Known Genetic Syndromes: Clinical Considerations & Implications for Intervention
  18. Susan L. Hepburn and Eric J. Moody

  19. Infusing Etiology into Intervention: A Model for Translational Research in Education

Karen Riley

Quotes and reviews

"When and how do phenotypic profiles start during the developmental process, and can they be impacted by the environment and family? US researchers in child psychiatry, developmental disabilities, genomics, and neurodevelopment investigate these questions in this special issue of the International Review of Developmental Disabilities. Contributors describe the latest research on early development in children with neurogenetic disorders that cause intellectual disability and shed light on the relationship between genetic conditions and phenotypic expression, and the link between neurogenetic disorder and behavioral outcomes. Some specific subjects addressed include social-cognitive skills in young children with Williams Syndrome, early diagnosis of chromosomal disorders associated with intellectual disability, and diagnosing autism in those with known genetic syndromes. Fidler teaches human development and family studies at Colorado State University."--Reference and Research Book News, October 2012

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