Evolution and Development, 1st Edition

Evolution and Development, 1st Edition,William Jeffery,ISBN9780123744555

Current Topics in Developmental Biology

W Jeffery   

Academic Press




229 X 152

This volume reviews current research findings and thought on the mechanisms that produce evolutionary changes in body plans over time.

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Key Features

Reviews current research findings and thought on evolutionary developmental biology, providing researchers an overview and synthesis of the latest research findings and contemporary thought in the area

Includes chapters discussing the evolutionary development of a wide variety of organisms and allows researchers to compare and contrast how genes are expressed in a variety of organisms—from fly to frog, to humans

Emphasizes the role of regulatory DNA in evolutionary development to give researchers perspective on how the regions of the genome that control gene expression and the protein factors that bind them are ultimately responsible for the diversity of life that has evolved


The marriage of evolutionary biology with developmental biology has resulted in the formation of a new field, evolutionary developmental biology, or “evo-devo.” This volume reviews current research findings and thought in the broad field of evo-devo, looking at the developmental genetic mechanisms that cause variation and how alterations of these mechanisms can generate novel structural changes in a variety of plant and animal life.


Researchers in and professors of cell biology, developmental biology, molecular biology, and genetics

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Evolution and Development, 1st Edition

1. The Origin, Elaboration, and Radiation of Beetle Horns: Causes, Mechanisms, and Consequences; Armin Moczek

2. Regulation of mRNA translation and stability: the other cis-regulatory network in development and evolution; Eric Haag

3. The role of Wnt signaling in the evolution of embryonic polarity; Athula H. Wikramanayake

4. Patterning a spiralian embryo: cell lineage and signaling in the mollusc Ilyanassa; J. David Lambert

5. Evolution and Development of the Blind Cavefish Eye; William Jeffery

6. Evolution of vertebrate appendage development; Martin J. Cohn

7. Gene regulatory networks in neural crest developmenta and evolution; Marianne Bronner-Fraser

8. New model systems for the study of developmental evolution in plants; Elena M. Kramer

9. Axis formation and the rapid evolutionary transformation of larval form; Rudolph A. Raff
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