Computer and Information Security Handbook

Computer and Information Security Handbook, 1st Edition

Computer and Information Security Handbook, 1st Edition,John Vacca,ISBN9780123743541


J Vacca   

Morgan Kaufmann

9780123743541 New edition

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THE essential desk reference for any security professional serious about their work

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Key Features

* Chapters contributed by leaders in the field cover theory and practice of computer security technology, allowing the reader to develop a new level of technical expertise
* Comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of security issues facilitates learning and allows the reader to remain current and fully informed from multiple viewpoints
* Presents methods of analysis and problem-solving techniques, enhancing the reader's grasp of the material and ability to implement practical solutions


Presents information on how to analyze risks to your networks and the steps needed to select and deploy the appropriate countermeasures to reduce your exposure to physical and network threats. Also imparts the skills and knowledge needed to identify and counter some fundamental security risks and requirements, including Internet security threats and measures (audit trails IP sniffing/spoofing etc.) and how to implement security policies and procedures. In addition, this book covers security and network design with respect to particular vulnerabilities and threats. It also covers risk assessment and mitigation and auditing and testing of security systems as well as application standards and technologies required to build secure VPNs, configure client software and server operating systems, IPsec-enabled routers, firewalls and SSL clients. This comprehensive book will provide essential knowledge and skills needed to select, design and deploy a public key infrastructure (PKI) to secure existing and future applications.


The primary audience for this professional handbook consists of researchers and practitioners in industry and academia, as well as security technologists and engineers working with or interested in all aspects of computer security. This comprehensive reference will also be of value to students in upper-division undergraduate and grad level courses in computer security.

John Vacca

John Vacca is an information technology consultant, professional writer, editor, reviewer and internationally-known, best-selling author based in Pomeroy, Ohio. Since 1982, John has authored 72 books, including: Identity Theft (Cybersafety) (Publisher: Chelsea House Pub (April 1, 2012 ); System Forensics, Investigation, And Response (Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning (September 24, 2010); Managing Information Security (Publisher: Syngress (an imprint of Elsevier Inc.) (March 29, 2010)); Network and Systems Security (Publisher: Syngress (an imprint of Elsevier Inc.) (March 29, 2010)); Computer and Information Security Handbook (Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann (an imprint of Elsevier Inc.) (June 2, 2009)); Biometric Technologies and Verification Systems (Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books (March 16, 2007)); Practical Internet Security (Hardcover): (Publisher: Springer (October 18, 2006)); Optical Networking Best Practices Handbook (Hardcover): (Publisher: Wiley-Interscience (November 28, 2006)); Computer Forensics: Computer Crime Scene Investigation (With CD-ROM), 2nd Edition (Publisher: Charles River Media (May 26, 2005) John Vacca has also written more than 600 articles in the areas of advanced storage, computer security and aerospace technology (copies of articles and books are available upon request). John was also a configuration management specialist, computer specialist, and the computer security official (CSO) for NASA's space station program (Freedom) and the International Space Station Program, from 1988 until his retirement from NASA in 1995. In addition, John is also an independent online book reviewer. Finally, John was one of the security consultants for the MGM movie titled: "AntiTrust," which was released on January 12, 2001.

Affiliations and Expertise

Renowned author of Computer and Information Security Handbook 2E ISBN: 9780123943972

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Computer and Information Security Handbook, 1st Edition

CHAPTER 1 Building a Secure Organization
CHAPTER 2 A Cryptography Primer
CHAPTER 3 Preventing System Intrusions
CHAPTER 4 Guarding Against Network Intrusions
CHAPTER 5 UNIX and Linux Security
CHAPTER 6 Linux and UNIX Security
CHAPTER 7 Internet Security
CHAPTER 8 Internet Security: The Botnet Problem in Internet Security
CHAPTER 9 Intranet Security
CHAPTER 10 Local Area Network (LAN) Security
CHAPTER 11 Wireless Network Security
CHAPTER 12 Cellular Network Security
CHAPTER 13 RFID Security
CHAPTER 14 Security Essentials for IT Managers: Protecting Mission-Critical Systems
CHAPTER 15 Security Management Systems
CHAPTER 16 IT Security Management
CHAPTER 17 ID Management
CHAPTER 18 Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
CHAPTER 19 Computer Forensics
CHAPTER 20 Network Forensics
CHAPTER 21 Firewalls
CHAPTER 22 Penetration Testing
CHAPTER 23 Vulnerability Assessment
CHAPTER 24 Data Encryption
CHAPTER 25 Satellite Encryption
CHAPTER 26 Public Key Infrastructure
CHAPTER 27 Instant Messaging Security
CHAPTER 28 Net Privacy
CHAPTER 29 Personal Privacy Policies
CHAPTER 30 Virtual Private Networks
CHAPTER 31 Identity Theft
CHAPTER 32 VoIP Security
CHAPTER 33 SAN Security
CHAPTER 34 Storage Area Network Security
CHAPTER 35 Risk Management
CHAPTER 36 Physical Security Essentials
CHAPTER 37 Biometerics
CHAPTER 38 Homeland Security
CHAPTER 39 Information Warfare
CHAPTER 40 Security Through Diversity
CHAPTER 41 Online Reputation
CHAPTER 42 Content Filtering
CHAPTER 43 Data Loss Protection (DLP)
APPENDIX A Configuring Authentication Service On Microsoft Windows Vista
APPENDIX B Security Management and Resiliency
APPENDIX C List Of Top Security Implementation And Deployment Companies
APPENDIX D List Of Security Products
APPENDIX E List Of Security Standards
APPENDIX F List Of Miscellaneous Security Resources
APPENDIX G Ensuring Built-in Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Wireless Network Security
APPENDIX H Configuring Wireless Internet Security Remote Access
APPENDIX I Frequently Asked Questions

Quotes and reviews

"I believe that this book contains something for everyone no matter what your experience level or specialty in the information security field… I think John did a great job putting together this handbook and the team of experts to deliver this information and I would recommend this book for anyone in the information security field."--PenTestMag.com, March 2012, page 1

"[T]here is a lot of information covering many topics contained within this book making it a valuable desk reference book or a textbook for a course in Information Security. I believe that this book contains something for everyone no matter what your experience level or specialty in the information security field… I think John did a great job putting together this handbook and the team of experts to deliver this information and I would recommend this book for anyone in the information security field."--PenTest Extra, June 2012, page 54


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