Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine

Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine, 2nd Edition

Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine, 2nd Edition,Marianne Legato,ISBN9780123742711


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Gender*Specific Medicine examines how no

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Key Features

  • Editor has eliminated approximately 55 chapters from the first edition to make the book more compact and more focused on the essentials of gender-specific medicine.
  • Longer bibliographies and suggested reviews/papers of particular relevance and importance will be added at the end of each section.

  • Each author will be asked to include recent meta-analysis of data
  • Each chapter will progress translationally from the basic science to the clinical applications of gender-specific therapies, drugs, or treatments
  • Section on drug metabolism will be eliminated but the subject will be incorporated into each relevant chapter
  • Section on aging will be eliminated but age will be considered as a variable in each of the separate chapters


The field of gender-specific medicine examines how normal human biology and physiology differs between men and women and how the diagnosis and treatment of disease differs as a function of gender. This revealing research covers various conditions that predominantly occur in men as well conditions that predominantly occur in women. Among the areas of greatest difference are cardiovascular disease, mood disorders, the immune system, lung cancer as a consequence of smoking, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, and infectious diseases.

The Second Edition of Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine will decrease in size from two to one volume and focus on the essentials of gender-specific medicine. In response to the market as well as many of the reviewers’ suggestions, the Editor has eliminated approximately 55 chapters from the first edition to make the book more compact and more focused on the essentials of gender-specific medicine. The content will be completely updated, redundant sections and chapters will be merged with others that are more relevant to the current study of sex and gender differences in human physiology and pathophysiology.


Researchers and practitioners in physiology, cardiology, neurology, respiratory medicine, gastroenterology, endocrinology, oncology, immunology, nutrition, and metabolism who research and/or teach gender-specific medicine or sex-based biology. Graduate students and medical fellow trainees in these areas. Specialists and/or general practitioners who treat gender-specific diseases. Together with marketing, we will build a specific tailored message for each specialist group.

Marianne Legato

Affiliations and Expertise

Marianne J. Legato, MD, Professor Emerita of Clinical Medicine, Columbia University College of Medicine, New York, NY; Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Department of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA

Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine, 2nd Edition

Section 1: Gender and Normal Development.

George M. Lazarus (section editor)
1. The Role of Gender in Neonatology
Tove S. Rosen and David Bateman

2. Endocrinology and Growth in Children and Adolescents
Gaya Aranoff and Jennifer Bell

3. Gender-Specific Pulmonary Disease
Beverley J. Sheares

4. Gender-Specific Aspects of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
James H. Garvin, Jr.

5. Gender Differences in Neurologic Conditions of Children
David M. Kaufman

6. Gender and Sports: Past, Present, and Future
Melissa Rose and Jordan D. Metzl

Section 2: Gender and the Nervous System.

(new section editor)

7. Gender Identity
(new chapter)

8. Gender Differences in the Functional Organization of the Brain
Ruben C. Gur and Raquel E. Gur

9. Brain Trauma, Sex Hormones, Neuronal Survival, and Recovery of Function
Donald G. Stein

10. Gender Differences in Epilepsy
Martha J. Morrell

11. Gender Differences in Psychiatric Disorders with a Focus on Estrogen
Mary V. Seeman

12. Gender Differences in Psychopharmacology
Pierre Chu

13. The Question of Psychosexual Neutrality at Birth
William Byne and Christina Sekaer

14. Treating Psychologic Disorders During Pregnancy and Lactation
Kathryn M. Abel

Section 3: Cardiology

Marianne J. Legato (section editor)

15. Gender-Specific Features of Normal Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology
Marianne J. Legato

16. Gender and its Impact on Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease
Shari S. Bassuk and JoAnn E. Manson

17. Current Status of Hormone Replacement Therapy in Men and Women for the Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
Jo Ann E. Manson

18. Gender-Specific Features of Coronary Artery Disease
Karin Schenck Gustavsson

19. Dyslipidemia Management in Women and Men: Exploring Potential Gender Differences
Megan Rist Haymart, Jerilyn Allen, Caitlin M. Nass, and Roger S. Blumenthal

20. Impact of Gender on the Response to Cardioactive Drugs
Michael R. Rosen and Thai Pham

21. Gender Differences in the Role of Stress and Emotion in Cardiovascular Function and Disease
David E. Anderson and Margaret A. Chesney

Section 4: Pulmonology.

David R. Trawick (section editor)

22. Asthma: The Need for Different Approaches by Sex and Gender
Ian Mitchell, Candice Bjornson, and Gordon Ford

23. Sex, Gender, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Dawn L. DeMeo and Edward K. Silverman

24. Gender-Specific Considerations in Interstitial Lung Disease
Katherine M.A. O’Reilly, L. Eugene Daugherty, and Patricia J. Sime

25. Gender-Specific Considerations in Pulmonary Hypertension
Gerald Supinski and Leigh Ann Callahan

26. Venous Thromboembolism: Gender Effects and Gender-Specific Risk Factors for Women
Susan Murin, Lisa Moores, Kathryn L. Bilello, and Richard A. Matthay

Section 5: Gastroenterology

Robyn G. Karlstadt (section editor)

27. Normal Physiology of the Gastrointestinal Tract and Gender Differences
Robyn G. Karlstadt, Daniel L. Hogan, and Amy Foxx-Orenstein

28. Gut Innervation (new chapter)
Richard Gershon

29. Physiology of Saliva, Taste, and Dentition
(new chapter)

30. Gender Differences in Esophageal Function
(new chapter)

31. Sex-Specific Features of Diseases of the Stomach
(new chapter)

32. Gallbladder and Biliary Diseases: More Common in Women, More Severe in Men
Jose Erbella and Lillian G. Dawes

Section 6: Reproductive Biology

Lauri Romanzi and Harry Fisch (section editors)

33. Modern Contraception in Men and Women
Edward J. Stanford, Timothy J. Ramsden, and Lee P. Shulman

34. Ambiguous Genitalia in the Newborn
Albert M. Ong and John P. Gearhart

35. Andropause and Infertility in Men
(new chapter)

36. Female Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technology
Sonya Kashyap and Pak Chung

37. Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Classifications, and Treatment
Aristotelis G. Anastasiadis, Dmitry Droggin, Anne R. Davis, Laurent Salomon, and Ridwan Shabsigh

38. Lower Urogenital Tract Dysfunction in Women and Men
Adam J. Flisser, Jeffery P. Weiss, and Jerry G. Blaivas

39. Colorectal Disease in Women and Men
Costanza Cocilovo, Toyooki Sonoda, and Jeffrey W. Milsom

Section 7: Oncology

(new section editor)

39. Gender-specific aspects of Breast Cancer

40. Gender-specific aspects of Lung Cancer

41. Gender-specific aspects of Colon Cancer

42. Gender-specific aspects of Hemapoietic Cancer

43. Gender-specific aspects of CNS Cancer

Section 8: Nutrition

(new section editor)

44. Energy Requirements of Men and Women
Susan B. Roberts and Sai Krupa Das

45. Anorexia, Bulimia, Disordered Eating and Obesity
Diann M. Ackard

46. The Influence of Gender Differences in Metabolism upon Nutritional Recommendations for Athletes
Mark A. Tarnopolsky

47. Cardiovascular Disease, Genes, and Nutrition: Gender Matters
Jose M. Ordovas and Li-Ming Loh

Section 9: Immunology and Infectious Disease

Robert G. Lahita (section editor)

48. Overview of the gender-specific aspects of the autoimmune diseases
Michael Lockshin

49. Gender-Specific Issues in Organ Transplantation
Hilary Sanfey

50. Gender-specific response to Bacterial Infection

51. Gender-specific response to Viral Infection (Including HIV)

52. Gender-specific Issues in Parasitology

Section 10: Gender-Specific Aspects of Metabolism

John Bilezikian (section editor)

53.. Corticosteroid-Induced Osteoporosis: A Comprehensive Review
Alexandra Papaioannou, Ann Cranney, and Jonathan D. Adachi

54. Anabolic Therapy of Osteoporosis in Women and Men
Mishaela R. Rubin and John P. Bilezikian

55. Gender-Specific Aspects of Diabetes

56. Gender-Specific Aspects of Adrenal Gland Disease

57. Gender-Specific Aspects of Thyroid Disease

Section 11: Future Areas to Expand

(new section editor)

58. Gender Differences in Dermatology
Mary Gail Mercurio

59. New Findings and Applications in Genomic Medicine

60. New Findings in Stem Cell Research

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