Structured Light and Its Applications

Structured Light and Its Applications, 1st Edition

An Introduction to Phase-Structured Beams and Nanoscale Optical Forces

Structured Light and Its Applications, 1st Edition,David Andrews,ISBN9780123740274


Academic Press




229 X 152

Biosensors, targeted medicine delivery, and plastic electronics are possible due to structured light; this book is a lantern into a bright future!

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Key Features

*Comprehensive and definitive source of the latest research in nanotechnology written by the leading people in the field
*From theory to applications - all is presented in detail
*Editor is Chair of the SPIE Nanotechnology Technical Group and is leading the way in generation and manipulation of complex beams


New possibilities have recently emerged for producing optical beams with complex and intricate structures, and for the non-contact optical manipulation of matter. This book fully describes the electromagnetic theory, optical properties, methods and applications associated with this new technology. Detailed discussions are given of unique beam characteristics, such as optical vortices and other wavefront structures, the associated phase properties and photonic aspects, along with applications ranging from cold atom manipulation to optically driven micromachines.

Features include:

* Comprehensive and authoritative treatments of the latest research in this area of nanophotonics, written by the leading researchers
* Accounts of numerous microfluidics, nanofabrication, quantum informatics and optical manipulation applications
* Coverage that fully spans the subject area, from fundamental theory and simulations to experimental methods and results

Graduate students and established researchers in academia, national laboratories and industry will find this book an invaluable guide to the latest technologies in this rapidly developing field.


Researchers, optical engineers, bioengineers, nanotechnology scientists, graduate students

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Structured Light and Its Applications, 1st Edition

Introduction to Phase-Structured Electromagnetic Waves
Generation of Bessel, Laguerre-Gaussian, and Mathieu Beams
Quantum Optics of Structured Light
Optical Angular Momentum and Optical Vortices
Singular Optics and Phase Properties
Phase-Structured Light and Nonlinear Optics
Optical Forces between Nanoparticles
Optical Vortices and the Dynamics of Particle Rotation
Rotating Optical Tweezers
Near-Field Trapping
Holographic Optical Trapping
Rheological and Viscometric Measurements
Optically Driven Microfluidics
Liquid Crystal Interactions
Optical Binding and Optical Matter
Ultrasensitive Force Measurement in Physics and Biology
The Control of Bose-Einstein Condensates
Optical Angular Momentum in Quantum Information and Computation

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