Waste Management for the Food Industries

Waste Management for the Food Industries, 1st Edition

Waste Management for the Food Industries, 1st Edition,Ioannis Arvanitoyannis,ISBN9780123736543


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Ioannis Arvanitoyannis

Affiliations and Expertise

Associate Professor of Food Quality Assurance and Safety & Food Technology, University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece

Waste Management for the Food Industries, 1st Edition

1. Current state of food waste management worldwide
2. Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14000, Responsible care, EMAS, Keidahren Chart); Presentation and Applications in the food industries

3. Legislation related to waste management
a. EU
b. USA
c. Canada
d. Australia

4. Update of waste management technologies
a. Composting
b. Aerobic digestion
c. Sequencing batch reactor
d. Solid state fermentation
e. Anaerobic digestion
f. Thermophilic anaerobic digestion
g. Electrodialysis
h. Incineration
i. Pyrolysis
j. Ozonation
k. Wet oxidation

5. Waste Management in Wine Industries
6. Waste Management in Olive Oil Industries
7. Waste Management in Fruit Juice Industries
8. Waste Management in Cereal Processing Industries
9. Waste Management in Vegetable Processing Industries
10. Waste Management in Meat and Poultry Industries
11. Waste Management in Dairy Industries
12. Waste Management in Fish and Seafood Industries
13. Waste Management in Food Packaging Industries
14. Conclusions
15. References
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