Floods in an Arid Continent, 1st Edition

Floods in an Arid Continent, 1st Edition,Aldo Poiani,ISBN9780123736307

Advances in Ecological Research

A Poiani   

Academic Press




229 X 152

A key source for understanding both the beneficial and detrimental effects of floods

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Key Features

* Offers detailed trends of effects on global climatic change
* Provides an understanding of past and future floods in Australia
* Discusses disturbances on landscape
* Includes effects on aquatic birds, infectious diseases, and economy


Nowhere are floods more paradoxical than in the generally arid Australian continent. This book brings together experts in meteorology, hydrology, limnology, ornithology, landscape ecology, veterinary and medical sciences, economics, anthropology and sociology to synthesize current knowledge on floods, their occurrence, and their consequences for the environment and societies in the Australian context.

Floods can have either beneficial or detrimental effects on the landscape and human societies. This book fills this important gap in our study and offers a multidisciplinary approach in understanding the effects of global climate change. The editors provide complete coverage on dynamics, patterns and consequences of floods, studied from several perspectives. Although the geographic focus of the book is Australia, the synthesis that is detailed in this book will undoubtedly be useful for the understanding of floods in all other regions of the planet.


Academics, researchers, government officials, postgraduate students, planners, technical officers and professionals in environmental sciences and social sciences. Individuals and institutional libraries from Australasia, Asia, Europe and America.

Aldo Poiani

Affiliations and Expertise

Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering, La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia

Floods in an Arid Continent, 1st Edition

Chapter 1
Aldo Poiani

Chapter 2
Climatic Background to Past and Future Floods in Australia
Barrie Pittock, Debbie Abbs, Ramasamy Suppiah and Roger Jones

Chapter 3
Floods Down Rivers: From Damaging to Replenishing Forces
Sam Lake, Nick Bond and Paul Reich

Chapter 4
Effects of Floods on Distribution and Reproduction of Aquatic Birds
Aldo Poiani

Chapter 5
The Landscape Context of Flooding in the Murray-Darling Basin
Andrea Ballinger and Ralph Mac Nally

Chapter 6
Effect of Flooding on the Occurrence of Infectious Diseases
Colin R Wilks, Andrew J Turner and Joseph Azuolas
Chapter 7
Some Economics of Floods
John Freebairn

Chapter 8
Tiddalik’s Travels: The Making and Remaking of an Aboriginal Flood Myth
John Morton

Chapter 9
Understanding the Social Impacts of Floods in South Eastern Australia
Catherine Allan, Allan Curtis and Nicki Mazur
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