Birds and Climate Change, 1st Edition

Birds and Climate Change, 1st Edition,Anders Moller,Wolfgang Fiedler,Luo Yiqi,ISBN9780123736147

Moller   &   Fiedler   &   Yiqi   

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Presents a broad understanding of ecology and how it is essential to us as we seek to both exploit and preserve the world around us

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Key Features

* Provides reviews of long-term datasets
* Incorporates meta-analyses of studies about climate change effects on birds
* Includes guidelines and suggestions for further studies


Temperature and other climate variables are currently changing at a dramatic rate. Birds are excellent model organisms, with a very active metabolism, they are highly sensitive to environmental changes and as highly mobile creatures they are also extremely reactive. This book discusses our current knowledge of observed changes and provides guidelines for studies in the years to come so we can document and understand how patterns of changing weather conditions may affect birds. The various chapters are written by leading experts in these fields and enlighten a broad range of aspects in bird ecology.


Professional ornithologists, conservation biologists, researchers and students in bird ecology. Anyone with interest in bird biology.

Anders Moller

Affiliations and Expertise

Laboratoire de Parasitologie Evolutive, CNRS UMR, Paris, France

Wolfgang Fiedler

Affiliations and Expertise

Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Radolfzell, Germany

Luo Yiqi

Affiliations and Expertise

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Massachusetts, U.S.A. University of Oklahoma, Norman, U.S.A.

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Birds and Climate Change, 1st Edition

Arrival and departure dates
Migrators fuelling and global climate change
Using large scale data from ringed birds for the investigation of effects of climate change on migrating birds: pitfalls and prospects
Breeding dates and reproductive performance
Global climate change leads to mistimed avian reproduction
Analysis and interpretation of long-term studies investigating responses to climate change
Photoperiodic response and the adaptability of avian life cycles to environmental change
Microevolutionary response to climatic change
Climate influences on avian population dynamics
Importance of climatic change for the ranges, communities and conservation of birds
The challenge of future research on climate change and avian biology

Quotes and reviews

"...a valuable reference for ornithologists, for those interested in specific biotic effects of climate change, and for those looking for a portal to data sets amenable to building predictive climate-effect models."
- Jason Jones, Vassar College, for ECOLOGY

"Given the enormouse proliferation of research projects and literature on this subject, the authors have achieved this review competently and clearly, providing guidelines for future studies but pointing out the pitfalls and problems...a really fascinating resume of our current understanding...the editors are to be congratulated on making the results more generally available. It is a publication that every ornithological library should hold..."

"One of the strengths of this book is the breadth of topics covered in a relatively short volume...Chapters on timing of migration and the energetics of migration are at their strongest when discussing the specifics of avian ecology...The editors provide a broad range of questions that will interest academic avian biologists...Birds and Climate Change is at its best in helping scientists take advantage of a 'unique opportunity to study the adaptation of organisms to their changing environments'. Those seeking to understand and perhaps limit the impacts of human-caused environmental change on birds and other organisms can certainly benefit from the insight presented here."
-John P. McCarty, Department of Biology, University of Nebraska in THE CONDOR
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