Annotated C# Standard, 1st Edition

Annotated C# Standard, 1st Edition,Jon Jagger,Nigel Perry,Peter Sestoft,ISBN9780123725110

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This is THE DEFINITIVE user's guide to the international C# standard!

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Key Features

* Written by members of the standards committee
* Annotates the standard with practical implementation advice
* The definitive reference to the C# International Standard


Standards, while being definitive, do not usually serve as the best reference to the use of a programming language. Books on languages usually are able to explain usage better, but lack the definitive precision of a standard. This book combines the two; it is the standard with added explanatory material.


Professional programmers working in the Microsoft .NET platform, from beginning to advanced, including students of programming and C# developers.

Jon Jagger

Affiliations and Expertise

JSL Consulting Limited, Somerset, United Kingdom

Nigel Perry

Affiliations and Expertise

Computer Scientist, New Zealand

Peter Sestoft

Affiliations and Expertise

Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Frederiksberg, Denmark

Annotated C# Standard, 1st Edition

Foreword; Introduction; Scope; Conformance; Normative references; Definitions; Notational conventions; Acronyms and abbreviations; General description; Language overview; Lexical Structure; Basic Concepts; Types; Variables; Conversions; Expressions; Statements; Namespaces; Classes; Structs; Arrays; Interfaces; Enums; Delegates; Exceptions; Attributes; Unsafe Code; Generics; Iterators
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