The Analysis of Burned Human Remains

The Analysis of Burned Human Remains, 1st Edition

The Analysis of Burned Human Remains, 1st Edition,Christopher Schmidt,Steven Symes,ISBN9780123725103

Schmidt   &   Symes   

Academic Press

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Key Features

* Includes the diagnostic patterning of color changes that give insight to the severity of burning, the positioning of the body, and presence (or absence) of soft tissues during the burning event
* Chapters on bones and teeth give step-by-step recommendations for how to study and recognize burned hard tissues


This unique reference provides a primary source for osteologists and the medical/legal community for the understanding of burned bone remains in forensic or archaeological contexts. It describes in detail the changes in human bone and soft tissues as a body burns at both the chemical and gross levels and provides an overview of the current procedures in burned bone study. Case studies in forensic and archaeological settings aid those interested in the analysis of burned human bodies, from death scene investigators, to biological anthropologists looking at the recent or ancient dead.


Researchers in bone biology, forensic anthropology, and endocrinology

Christopher Schmidt

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Indianapolis, Department of Anthropology, IN, USA

Steven Symes

Affiliations and Expertise

Mercyhurst College, Department of Anthropology, Erie, PA, USA

The Analysis of Burned Human Remains, 1st Edition

List of Contributors


Chapter 1 Fire and Bodies

Chapter 2 Patterned Thermal Destruction of Human Remains in a Forensic Setting

Chapter 3 The Recovery and Study Of Burned Human Teeth

Chapter 4 Analysis of Human Cremains: Gross and Chemical Methods

Chapter 5 Thermally Induced Changes in the Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Ratios of Charred Bones

Chapter 6 Bone Color as an Interpretive Tool of the Depositional History of Archaeological Cremains

Chapter 7 Time, Temperature, and Oxygen Availability: An Experimental Study of the Effects of Environmental Conditions on the Color and Organic Content of Cremated Bone

Chapter 8 Heat-Related Changes in Tooth Color: Temperature Versus Duration of Exposure

Chapter 9 Investigations on Pre-Roman and Roman cremation Remains from Southwestern Germany: Results, Potentialities and Limits

Chapter 10 In the Heat of the Pyre: Efficiency of Oxidation in Romano-British Cremations - Did it Really Matter?

Chapter 11 Fire as a Cultural Taphonomic Agent: Understanding Mortuary Behavior at Khuzhir-Nuge XIV, Siberia

Chapter 12 Putting Together the Pieces: Reconstructing Mortuary Practices from Commingled Ossuary Cremains

Chapter 13 A Taphonomic Analysis of Human Cremains from the Fox Hollow farm Serial Homicide Site

Chapter 14 Early Archaic Cremations from Southern Indiana

Chapter 15 Towards an Archaeology of Cremation



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