Industrial Waste Treatment

Industrial Waste Treatment, 1st Edition

Contemporary Practice and Vision for the Future

Industrial Waste Treatment, 1st Edition,Nelson Nemerow,ISBN9780123724939






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The first book to provide environmental history from a technical point-of-view as a basis for total solutions engineering

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Key Features

* Provides environmental history from a professional/technical point-of-view as a basis for total solutions engineering
* Includes sustainable practice necessary for the 21st Century
* Thoroughly explores industry and environmental regulations over the past 150 years


Taking the reader through the history of industrial waste treatment and directing them toward a new path of best practice, this book illustrates how current treatment techniques are affected by regulatory and economic constraints, scientific knowledge and tolerances. This book provides the reader with the basis for a more effective method of waste treatment which is sustainable and supportive of industrial improvements. Overall, it provides valuable information for planners, industrial, civil and environmental engineers and government officials for a better understanding of current practices and regulatory history and how these factors relate to the ability to complete environmental solutions to industrial waste problems.


environmental engineers and managers industries including petroleum, sugar, steel mills, pulp and paper mills, cement plants, plastic, leather plants; industrial engineers; civil engineers; planners; government regulators; technologists; researchers; consultants and plant managers; environmental audit managers; water utility engineers, scientists, and operations managers

Nelson Nemerow

Affiliations and Expertise

Consulting Environmental Engineer Encinitas, CA

Industrial Waste Treatment, 1st Edition

PART A---20th Century; Introduction to Industrial Waste Treatment; History of Environmental Industrial Wastes; Theories and Practices; Volume Reduction; Contaminant Concentration Reduction; Neutralization; Equalization and Proporationing; Suspended Solids Removal; Colloidal Solids Removal; Inorganic Dissolved Solids Removal; Organic Solids Removal; Treatment and disposal of Sludge Solids; Joint Treatment with Domestic Sewage; Treatment of Hazardous Wastes; Air Contaminants Removal; Major Industrial Wastes; PART B---21ST CENTURY; Rational of Environmental Complexes; Procedure for Industry in Attaining Zero Pollution; Economics of Environmental Complexes; Realistic Industrial Complexes; Potential Industrial Complexes; Potential Municipal-Industrial Complexes; Naturally-Evolving Industrial Complexes; Benefit-related Expenditures for Industrial Waste Treatment; Summary; Critique of Environmental Complexes
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