Arthropod Collection and Identification

Arthropod Collection and Identification, 1st Edition

Laboratory and Field Techniques

Arthropod Collection and Identification, 1st Edition,Timothy Gibb,Christian Oseto,ISBN9780080919256


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The most current and comprehensive manual on the market for collecting, indentifying, rearing, examining, and preserving insects and mites.

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Key Features

* Over 400 professionally drawn illustrations
* Identification keys to find arthropod orders
* Comprehensive reading list
* Detailed glossary of terms


Arthropods are the most numerous and diverse group of animals and studying them requires the use of specialized equipment and specific procedures. This text describes effective methods and equipment for collecting, identifying, rearing, examining, and preserving insects and mites, and explains how to store and care for specimens in collections. It also provides instructions for the construction of many kinds of collecting equipment, traps, rearing cages, and storage units, as well as updated and illustrated keys for identification of the classes of arthropods and the orders of insects. Such information not only aids hobbyists and professionals in preparing insect collections, but it has become essential in documenting and standardizing collections of entomological evidence in forensic as well as pest management sciences.


Professional and Amateur Entomologists as well as well as professionals, researchers, and students interested studying Entomology, Insect Physiology, Insect Taxonomy, Forensic Entomolgy, Medical Entomology, Insect Systematics, and other related areas.

Timothy Gibb

Affiliations and Expertise

Purdue University, Indiana, U.S.A.

Christian Oseto

Affiliations and Expertise

Purdue University, Indiana, U.S.A.

Arthropod Collection and Identification, 1st Edition

I. BASIC TOOLS AND GENERAL TECHNIQUES; 1. Equipment and Collecting Methods; 2. Agents for Killing and Preserving; 3. Storage of Specimens; II. CLASSIFICATION OF INSECTS AND MITES; 4. Classification of Insects and Mites; 5. Synopsis of Insect Orders; 6. Description of Hexapod Orders; Summary; Appendix I. Liquid Preservation Formulas; Appendix App II. Mounting Small and Soft Bodied Specimens; App III Directory - State Extension Service Directors and Administrators; App IV. Submitting Specimens for Identification; Glossary; References; Index

Quotes and reviews

“This book, with complete coverage of collecting and preserving techniques, is long overdue.” - Dr. W. Wyatt Hoback, University of Nebraska at Kearney, U.S.A.

"At last there is a book that adequately covers the essentials of Arthropod collecting techniques. I will most certainly make this a required textbook when it becomes available. This book will save instructors time and materials." - Paul Choate, University of Florida, Gainesville, U.S.A.

"This text will become one of the standards found on every entomologist's bookshelf. I especially like the explanation of ordinal name derivatives that are given for each order and for many glossary terms." - Steve Mroczkiewicz, Syngenta Crop Protection, Attica, Indiana, U.S.A.

“Arthropod Collection and Identification is an outstanding resource for serious collectors. Written by premier entomologists, this comprehensive collection and identification book has excellent drawings that clearly illustrate the steps involved in creating your own collection.” - Natalie Carroll, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A.
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