Cancer Drug Design and Discovery

Cancer Drug Design and Discovery, 2nd Edition

Cancer Drug Design and Discovery, 2nd Edition,Stephen Neidle,ISBN9780123965219

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The second edition of this authoritative reference features the latest on the design and development of new anticancer small molecules, including topics such as the identification of molecular targets, cancer genomics, personalized medicine and more.

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Key Features

  • Provides a clinical perspective on the development of new molecularly targeted anticancer agents with the latest and most promising chemotherapeutic approaches
  • Offers a broad view of where the field is going, what tools drug discovery is using to produce new agents and how they are evaluated in the laboratory and clinic
  • Features 6 new chapters devoted to advances in technology and successful anticancer therapies, such as cancer genomics and personalized medicine, DNA-targeted agents, B-Raf inhibitors and more
  • Each chapter includes extensive references to the primary and review literature, as well as to relevant web-based sources


Cancer Drug Design and Discovery, Second Edition is an important reference on the underlying principles for the design and subsequent development of new anticancer small molecule agents. New chapters have been added to this edition on areas of particular interest and therapeutic promise, including cancer genomics and personalized medicine, DNA-targeted agents and more. This book includes several sections on the basic and applied science of cancer drug discovery and features those drugs that are now approved for human use and are in the marketplace, as well as those that are still under development. By highlighting some of the general principles involved in taking molecules through basic science to clinical development, this book offers a complete and authoritative reference on the design and discovery of anticancer drugs for translational scientists and clinicians involved in cancer research.


Translational researchers and clinicians interested in modern drug discovery, cancer biology and medicine, as well as graduate and undergraduate students in pharmacy, pharmacology or medicinal and biological chemistry.

Stephen Neidle

Stephen Neidle, DSc, PhD, ARCS, FRSC, Director of Cancer Research UK Biomolecular Structure Group, Director of the Centre for Cancer Medicines, Professor of Chemical Biology, The School of Pharmacy, University College London, UK

Affiliations and Expertise

The School of Pharmacy, University College London, UK

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Cancer Drug Design and Discovery, 2nd Edition

Introduction - Stephen Neidle

Foreword - Hilary Calvert

Part I. Basic Principles and methodology

Modern cancer drug discovery: integrating targets, technologies and treatments — Paul Workman and
Ian Collins

Pharmacogenomics and personalised medicines in cancer treatment — Wei-Peng Yong, Ross Soo and
Federico Innocenti

Structural biology and anticancer drug design — Puja Pathuri, David Norton, Henriette Willems,
Dominic Tisi and Harren Jhoti

Part II. Drugs in the laboratory and clinic

Temozolomide: from cytotoxic to molecularly-targeted agent — Malcolm Stevens

Temozolomide: patents and the perils of invention — Malcolm Stevens

A new generation of cell-targeted drugs for cancer treatment — Paola B. Arimondo, Nicolas Guilbaud
and Christian Bailly

Inhibition of DNA repair as a therapeutic target — Stephany Veuger and Nicola J Curtin
Inhibitors of tumour angiogenesis — Adrian L. Harris and Daniele G Generali

The Renaissance of CYP17 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer — Qingzhong Hu and Rolf
W. Hartmann

Apoptosis in Cancer: Mechanisms, Deregulation and Therapeutic Targeting — Zahid H Siddik

Targeting the MDM2-p53 protein-protein interaction: design, discovery and development of novel
anticancer agents — Ian R Hardcastle

Targeting altered metabolism – emerging cancer therapeutic strategy — Minsuh Seo, Robert Blake
Crochet and Yong-Hwan Lee

Inhibitors of the Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) Pathway — William A Denny and Gordon W.

Antibody-drug conjugates delivering DNA cytotoxics — John A Hartley

Inhibition of telomerase: promise, progress and potential pitfalls — Christopher G. Tomlinson, Scott B.
Cohen and Tracy M. Bryan

Targeting B-RAF: the discovery and development of B-RAF inhibitors — Phillip A Harris

Part III. The reality of cancer drugs in the clinic

Failure Modes in Anticancer Drug Discovery and Development — Richard A. Walgren and
Christopher. A. Slapak

Anticancer drug registration and regulation: current challenges and possible solutions — David
Taylor, Erling Donnelly and Silvia Chioato

Quotes and reviews

"…offers unique information on the discovery and design of new anticancer agents, covering recent notable successes resulting from the human genome and cancer genomics projects…an excellent reference for translational researchers interested in cancer biology and medicine as well as students in pharmacy, pharmacology, or medicinal and biological chemistry…"--Anticancer Research 34, 2014
"The second edition of this book walks readers through the myriad cancer drugs and their molecular targets, with a special emphasis on past, present, and future drug design efforts... the book examines both drugs currently in the clinic and those merely on the drawing board…This comprehensive update of the 2008 edition will serve student or experienced cancer researchers well as a reference on anticancer drug development." Rating: 4 Stars--Doody.com, March 21, 2014
"Specialists in cancer and pharmaceuticals, most in academic settings, look at basic principles of cancer drugs, methodology, drugs in the clinic, new agents, and the reality of cancer drugs in the clinic…They do include many case studies, and some chapters provide questions for classroom use."--ProtoView.com, February 2014

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