Therapist's Guide to Evidence-Based Relapse Prevention

Therapist's Guide to Evidence-Based Relapse Prevention, 1st Edition

Therapist's Guide to Evidence-Based Relapse Prevention, 1st Edition,Katie Witkiewitz,G. Marlatt,ISBN9780123694294

Witkiewitz   &   Marlatt   

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A practical guide to incorporating relapse prevention techniques into clinical practice

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Key Features

*Incorporates theoretical and empirical support
*Provides step-by-step strategies for implementing relapse prevention techniques
*Includes case studies that describe application of relapse prevention techniques


Describes the evidence-based approaches to preventing relapse of major mental and substance-related disorders. Therapist's Guide to Evidence-based Relapse Prevention combines the theoretical rationale, empirical data, and the practical "how-to" for intervention programs.

The first section will serve to describe the cognitive-behavioral model of relapse and provide a general introduction to relapse prevention techniques. While Section II will focus on specific problem areas, Section III will focus on diverse populations and treatment settings.


A wide range of mental health and medical professionals in a variety of disciplines including clinical and counseling psychology, psychiatry, social work, nursing, rehabilitaiton medicine, correctional settings, general medical settings and education.

Katie Witkiewitz

Affiliations and Expertise

Addictive Behaviors Research Center, Department of Psychology, University of Seattle, Washington, USA

G. Marlatt

G. Alan Marlatt, Ph.D., is director of the Addictive Behaviors Research Center and professor of Psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Affiliations and Expertise

Addictive Behaviors Research Center, Department of Psychology, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

Therapist's Guide to Evidence-Based Relapse Prevention, 1st Edition

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Section I: Introduction and Overview

Chapter 1: Overview of Relapse Prevention

Chapter 2: High-Risk Situations

Section II: Application of Relapse Prevention to Specific Problem Areas

Chapter 3: Relapse Prevention

Chapter 4: Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy as a Relapse Prevention Approach to Depression

Chapter 5: Relapse Prevention for Return of Pathological Worry in CBT-Treated GAD

Chapter 6: Relapse Prevention for Schizophrenia

Chapter 7: Seeking Safety

Chapter 8: Relapse Prevention for Eating Disorders

Chapter 9: Stopping Self-Harm Once and for All

Chapter 10: Treatment of Sexual Offenders

Section III: Specific Populations and Treatment Settings

Chapter 11: Focus on Families

Chapter 12: Relapse Prevention with Hispanic and Other Racial/Ethnic Populations

Chapter 13: Relapse Prevention for Adolescent Substance Abuse

Chapter 14: Relapse Prevention with Older Adults

Chapter 15: Utilizing Relapse Prevention with Offender Populations

Chapter 16: Drinking as an Epidemic—A Simple Mathematical Model with Recovery and Relapse


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