Specialty Optical Fibers Handbook

Specialty Optical Fibers Handbook, 1st Edition

Specialty Optical Fibers Handbook, 1st Edition,Alexis Mendez,T. Morse,ISBN9780123694065

Mendez   &   Morse   

Academic Press




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The first book of the 21st century to detail cutting edge applications using specialty fibers!

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Key Features

*Completely covers biomedical and industrial sensor technology with emphasis on real world applications
*Comparative studies of pros and cons of all fiber types with relation to test and measurement, mechanical properties and strength, and reliability
*Easy to access essential facts and details at the begining of each chapter


This book is a comprehensive contributed volume that aims to describe and explain the design, fabrication, operating characteristics, and specific applications of the most popular and useful types of specialty optical fibers. These “specialty fibers” include any kind of optical fiber that has been architecturally manipulated to diverge from a conventional structure. For instance, metal-coated fibers can be utilized for bandwidth improvement, and hollow core fibers offer more controllable dispersion for sensitive medical procedures.

Applications for these specialty fibers abound in the biomedical, sensors, and industrial fields, as well as in more traditional communications capacities. This book will act as a specialty fiber “guided tour,” hosted by the top names in the discipline. The globally renowned editors, Drs. Mendez and Morse, have extensive experience in research, academia, and industry.


Optical engineers involved with biomedics, Bragg gratings, high-power laser delivery systems, sensors, oil & gas reservoir monitoring, etc.; graduate students

Alexis Mendez

Affiliations and Expertise

President, MCH Engineering LLC, Alameda, CA, USA

T. Morse

Affiliations and Expertise

Director, Lightwave Technology Lab, Boston University, Boston, MA, USA

Specialty Optical Fibers Handbook, 1st Edition

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Applications and Market Opportunities
Chapter 3 Light-Guiding Fundamentals and Fiber Design
Chapter 4 Overview of Materials and Fabrication Technologies
Chapter 5 Optical Fiber Coatings
Chapter 6 Single Mode Fibers for Communications
Chapter 7 Specialty Single Mode Fibers
Chapter 8 Rare-Earth Doped Fibers
Chapter 9 Polarization Maintaining Fibers
Chapter 10 Photosensitive Fibers
Chapter 11 Hollow Core Fibers
Chapter 12 Silica Nanowires and Subwavelength-Diameter Fibers
Chapter 13 Chiral Fibers
Chapter 14 Mid-IR and Infrared Fibers
Chapter 15 Hermetic Carbon-Coated Fibers
Chapter 16 Metal-Coated Fibers
Chapter 17 Elliptical Core and D-Shape Fibers
Chapter 18 Multimode, Large Core and Plastic Clad Fibers
Chapter 19 Tapered Fibers and Specialty Fiber Micro-Components
Chapter 20 Liquid Core Fibers
Chapter 21 Polymer Optical Fibers
Chapter 22 Sapphire Fibers
Chapter 23 Optical Fibers for Industrial laser Applications
Chapter 24 Optical Fibers for Industrial Laser Applications
Chapter 25 Mechanical Strength and Reliability of Glass Fibers
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