Neurobiology of the Immune System

Neurobiology of the Immune System, 1st Edition

Neurobiology of the Immune System, 1st Edition,Angela Clow,Frank Hucklebridge,ISBN9780123668530

International Review of Neurobiology

Clow   &   Hucklebridge   

Academic Press




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Key Features

Key Features
*Provides solid scientific basis to our understanding of the associations between the brain and the immune system the importance of these connections
* Presents coherent development from cellular and molecular neuroimmune communication to social and health considerations, including psychological intervention
* Addresses the theory that there is a neurobiology of the immune system


Published since 1959, International Review of Neurobiology is a well-known series appealing to neuroscientists, clinicians, psychologists, physiologists, and pharmacologists. Led by an internationally renowned editorial board, this important serial publishes both eclectic volumes made up of timely reviews and thematic volumes that focus on recent progress in a specific area of neurobiology research.


Neuroscientists, neurologists and immunologists.

Information about this author is currently not available.
Information about this author is currently not available.

Neurobiology of the Immune System, 1st Edition

1. Neuroimmune Relationships in Perspective
Angela Clow and Frank HuckleBridge

2. Sympathetic Nervous System Interaction with the Immune System
Virginia Sanders and Adam P. Kohm

3. Cytokine Signalling to the Brain
Adrian J. Dunn

4. Neuropeptides: Modulators of Immune Response in Health and Disease
David Jessopp

5. Brain-immune interactions in sleep
Lisa Marshall and Jan Born

6. Neuroendocrinology of Autoimmunity
Michael Harbuz

7. Systemic Stress-Induced Th2 Shift and its Clinical Implications
Ilia Elenkov

8. Neural Control of Salivary IgA Secretion
Gordon Proctor and Guy H. Carpenter

9. Stress and Secretory Immunity
Jos Bosch, Chris Ring , Eco J.C. De Geus, Enno C.I. Veerman and Arie V. Nieuw Amerongen

10. Cytokines and Depression
Angela Clow and Frank HuckleBridge

11. Immunity and Schizophrenia -Autoimmunity, cytokines and immune responses
Fiona Gaughran

12. Cerebral Lateralization and the Immune System
Pierre Neveu

13. Conditioning of the Immune Response
Angelika Buske-Kirschbaum

14. Psychological and Neuroendocrine Correlates of Disease Progression
Julie M. Turner-Cobb

15. The Role of Psychological Intervention in Modulating Aspects of Immune Function in Relation to Health and Well Being
John Gruzelier
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