Innovations in Food Packaging

Innovations in Food Packaging, 1st Edition

Innovations in Food Packaging, 1st Edition,Jung Han,ISBN9780123116321

J Han   

Academic Press

9780123116321 New edition

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Covers new technology in new and advanced areas of food packaging

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Key Features

Covers four major food packaging topics:
* Theories in food packaging
* Active packaging
* Modified atmosphere packaging
* Edible films and coatings


Innovations in Food Packaging addresses selective topics of functions of food packaging to modify the traditional notion of this process. This book is organized into five parts. Part I focuses on the fundamental theories covering physical chemistry background and quality preservation of foods. Parts II and III discuss active packaging research and development and modified atmosphere packaging of fresh produce, meats, and ready-to-eat products, respectively. Part IV talks about edible and biodegradable coatings and films, whereas Part V discusses commercialization aspects of packaging technologies. Each part is divided into chapters of subject review and detailed technical information. This text will benefit those who are interested in innovative technology of food packaging in general, and experienced field packaging specialists and graduate-level food scientists in particular. This book will be useful as a textbook not only for extension programs of food packaging development in food industry, but also for advanced graduate-level food packaging courses.


Specialists in the food packaging industries, scientists involved in shelf-life and food safety, advanced food science students at universities

Jung Han

Affiliations and Expertise

PepsiCo Corporate R&D / PepsiCo Advanced Research, Plano, TX, USA

Innovations in Food Packaging, 1st Edition

New technologies in food packaging: overview
Gas and solute permeation: theory and modeling
Migration of food and packaging
Quality of packaged
Active food packaging
Introduction to active food packaging technologies
Antimicrobial packaging
Packaging containing natural antimicrobial agents
Oxygen scavenging packaging
Volatile plant extracts against pathogens on packaged foods
Commercial use of oxygen scavenging
Intelligent packaging and information
Intelligent packaging for food preservation
Packaging system containing ozone and chlorine dioxide
Aroma release and odor removing system
Modified atmosphere packaging
Introduction to modified atmosphere packaging
Prediction of gas composition and quality for fruits and vegetables in MAP system
Packaging strategies for fruits and vegetables
MAP and quality of fresh chilled meats
Centralized packaging of fresh meats
Edible films and coatings
Edible films and coatings: principles and advantages
Agripolymers for edible and biodegradable films
Scientific requirements for commercial use of edible coatings on foods
Edible coatings on agricultural produces
Edible films and coatings from plant-origin proteins
Edible films and coatings from animal-origin proteins
Emulsion and bi-layer edible films
Plasticizers in edible films and coatings
Edible films and coatings from starches
Edible films and coatings from non-starch polysaccharides
Lipid-based edible films and coatings

Quotes and reviews

"At a list price of $135, the book is a steal, a fraction of the cost to attend one food science or food packaging conference. It will yield much food for thought that you can keep shelved nearby and reference as needed. For food packaging science, this book is a smorgasbord that will keep you content with its detailed content."
- Rick Lingle for PACKAGING WORLD (2006)
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