Piperonyl Butoxide

Piperonyl Butoxide, 1st Edition

Piperonyl Butoxide, 1st Edition,Denys Glynne Jones,ISBN9780122869754


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Piperonyl Butoxide contains 20 chapters contributed by world experts in the field on the properties, uses, plant metabolism, and mammalian and environmental toxicology of piperonyl butoxide. The mode of action of piperonyl butoxide is discussed as well as many other specialist topics, including the measurement of synergism in the laboratory, and the potential use of this chemical alone for the control of whiteflies, as well as with insect growth regulators.
This book will prove to be a valuable reference for all concerned with the designing of safe and cost-effective insecticide formulations, particularly those used in the home, industry, or on or near animals and food.


Students and researchers in plant sciences, environmental sciences, toxicology, and biochemistry.

Denys Glynne Jones

The preface of the book is written by Professor Casida, who has done much of the pioneering research in the field, and was recently elected to the Royal Society.

Piperonyl Butoxide, 1st Edition

J. Casida, Preface.
A. Tozzi, A Short History of the Development of Piperonyl Butoxide as an Insecticide Synergist.
R. Breathnach, The Safety of Piperonyl Butoxide.
E. Hodgson and P. Levi, Interactions of Piperonyl Butoxide with Cytochrome P450.
G. Di Blasi, A Review of the Chemistry of Piperonyl Butoxide.
D. Maciver, A Note on Piperonyl Butoxide Molecular Modelling Using a Computational Computer Programme for the IBM Personal Computer PC.
C. Harbach, R. Large, K. Ropkins, D.G. Jones, and G. Di Blasi, Photolytic Degradation of Piperonyl Butoxide.
D. Arnold, The Fate and Behavior of Piperonyl Butoxide in the Environment.
T. Osimitz and J. Hobson, An Ecological Risk Assessment of Piperonyl Butoxide.
A. Cockburn and D. Needham, The Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion of Piperonyl Butoxide in Mammals.
S. Selim and R. Testman, Plant Metabolism Studies and Crop Residue Studies of Piperonyl Butoxide and Its Metabolites.
D. Stewart, The Evaluation of Synergistic Action in the Laboratory and Field.
A. Farnham, The Mode of Action of Piperonyl Butoxide with References to its Use in Studying Pesticide Resistance.
R. Gunning, G. Moores, and A. Devonshire, Inhibition of Resistance-Related Esterases by Piperonyl Butoxide in Heltcoverparmigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and Aphis Gossypii (Hemiptera: Aphididae).
G. Devine and J. Denholm, Potential of Piperonyl Butoxide for the Management of Cotton Whitefly, Bemisia tabaci.
J. Wickham, The Use of Synergised Pyrethroids to Control Insect Pests in and Around Domestic Industrial and Food Handling Premises.
M. Adams, The Use of Piperonyl Butoxide in Grain Protection.
L. Showyin, The Use of Piperonyl Butoxide in Household Formulations.
P. Keane, The Use of Piperonyl Butoxide in Formulations for the Control of Pests of Humans, Domestic Pests, and Food Animals.
A.G. Jones, Some Lesser Known Properties and Potential New Uses of Piperonyl Butoxide.
R. Miller, The Response of Industry to the Data Requirements of the United States Environmental Protection Agency--THE PBO TASK FORCE.
Glossary of Terms.

Quotes and reviews

"The book contains 20 chapters and it would not be far wrong to say that not a single person who has made a contribution to PBO is absent from the list of contributors. Apart from such things as the properties, uses, plant metabolism, mammalian and environmental toxicology, and mode of action of PBO, also covered are such specialist subjects as the measurement of synergism in the laboratory, and the potential use of PBO alone to control whiteflies and its use with insect growth regulators. In addition, molecular modelling attempts to explain its value in formulations."
@qu:"...a new reference book that covers not only environmental and mammalian toxicology, but also the uses and development of safe, cost-effective insecticides. The book results from several years of preparation to produce the definitive source of information on piperonyl butoxide."
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