The Second Handbook on Parent Education

The Second Handbook on Parent Education, 1st Edition

Contemporary Perspectives

The Second Handbook on Parent Education, 1st Edition,Marvin Fine,ISBN9780122564826


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This book should enhance the reader's understanding of the contemporary scene in parenting education, including effective programming, important issues, and future trends.


Students and teachers in departments of education, teacher-training colleges, graduate and professional school psychologists, educational psychologists, counselors in parent education programs, social workers, mental health professionals.

Marvin Fine

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Kansas, Lawrence, U.S.A.

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The Second Handbook on Parent Education, 1st Edition

M.J. Fine and S.A. Henry, Professional Issues in Parent Education.
M.S. Kaplan and H.E. Kaplan, National Family Policy. Renegotiating the Government--Family Contract.
N. Stinnett and J. De Frain, The Healthy Family. Is It Possible?
Delivery Systems of Parenting Education:
M.H. Hopkin, Active Parenting, a Video-Based Program.
S. Vartuli and M. Winters, Parents as First Teachers.
R. Kroth, School-Based Parent Involvement Programs.
R.L. Simpson and C.R. Fiedler, Parent Participation in Individualized Educational Program (IEP) Conferences. A Case for Individualization.
M.A. Merrill, Teenage Pregnancy and Parenthood Education.
N.L. Peterson and C.S. Cooper, Parent Education and Involvement in Early Intervention Programs for Handicapped Children. A Different Perspective on Parent Needs and the Parent--Professional Relationship.
Training and Research:
F.J. Medway, Measuring the Effectiveness of Parent Education.
J. Guidubaldi and H.K. Cleminshaw, Development and Validation of the Cleminshaw--Guidubaldi Parent Satisfaction Scale.
B. Gamson, H. Hornstein, and B.L. Borden, Adler--Dreikurs Parent Study Group Leadership Training.
Trends and Directions:
S. Van Zandt and B. Cannon-Nifoussi, Adult Children and Their Aging Parents.
B.A. Nye, Effective Parent Education and Involvement Models and Programs. Contemporary Strategies for School Implementation.
P.A. Lee and D.G. Brage, Family Life Education and Research. Toward a More Positive Approach.
Each chapter includes references.
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