Encyclopedia of Mental Health

Encyclopedia of Mental Health, 2nd Edition

Encyclopedia of Mental Health, 2nd Edition,Howard Friedman,ISBN9780123970459

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The fully-updated second edition of this award winning book on mental health presents a comprehensive overview of the many genetic, neurological, social, and psychological factors that affect mental health, also describing the impact of mental health on the individual and society and illustrating the factors that aid positive mental health

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Key Features

  • Provides fully up-to-date descriptions of the neurological, social, genetic, and psychological factors that affect the individual and society
  • Contains more than 240 articles written by domain experts in the field
  • Written in an accessible style using terms that an educated layperson can understand
  • Of interest to public as well as research libraries with coverage of many important topics, including marital health, divorce, couples therapy, fathers, child custody, day care and day care providers, extended families, and family therapy


Encyclopedia of Mental Health, Second Edition, tackles the subject of mental health, arguably one of the biggest issues facing modern society. The book presents a comprehensive overview of the many genetic, neurological, social, and psychological factors that affect mental health, also describing the impact of mental health on the individual and society, and illustrating the factors that aid positive mental health.

The book contains 245 peer-reviewed articles written by more than 250 expert authors and provides essential material on assessment, theories of personality, specific disorders, therapies, forensic issues, ethics, and cross-cultural and sociological aspects. Both professionals and libraries will find this timely work indispensable.


Libraries, especially those specializing in mental health and social sciences; hospitals; psychology laboratories

Howard Friedman

Howard S. Friedman, Editor-in-Chief, is Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Riverside. For his work on “changing how we think about the nature of health,” he received the James McKeen Cattell Award from the Association for Psychological Science (APS), the top award for applied scientific research in psychology. His research on disease-prone and self-healing personalities (terms he coined) led to his receipt of the Outstanding Contributions to Health Psychology senior award from the American Psychological Association (APA Division 38). Dr. Friedman attended Yale University, graduating magna cum laude with Honors in psychology. He was awarded a National Science Foundation graduate fellowship at Harvard University, where he received his Ph.D. Professor Friedman is an elected Fellow of the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research, an Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), an elected Fellow of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, and a thrice-elected Fellow of the American Psychological Association. In 2015, he was selected as the Faculty Research Lecturer at the University of California, Riverside, which is “the highest honor that the Academic Senate bestows.” Dr. Friedman’s research centers around the relations of mental and physical health. He has received research grants from the National Institute of Mental Health, the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institute on Aging. His wide-ranging interests and integrative orientation served him well in editing this Encyclopedia. Devoted also to teaching, Professor Friedman has received many teaching awards, including the Elizabeth Hurlock Beckman Award, for “inspiring students to make a difference in the community.” He has also received UC Riverside’s Distinguished Teaching Award and the Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research mentoring.

Affiliations and Expertise

University of California, Riverside, CA, USA

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Encyclopedia of Mental Health, 2nd Edition

Topics included:

Aging and Mental Health.
Alcohol Problem
Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Behavioral Genetics
Behavior Therapy
Body Image
Body Rhythms/Body Clocks
Borderline Personality Disorder
Brain Development and Plasticity
Cognitive Development
Chronic Ilness and Mental Health
Emotional intelligence
Food, nutrition and mental health
Guilt and shame
Humour and mental health
Moral development
Personality Assesment
Personality Disorders
Positive psychology
Religion, Spirituality, and Mental Health
Sexual Disorders and Dysfunction
Smoking and nicotine
Sport and mental health

... and many more

Quotes and reviews

"This comprehensive set 'encompasses all levels of analysis, from the molecular and biological, through the social and family, to the cultural.' Intended for students, practicing clinicians, and research professionals, these articles also prove accessible and useful for lay readers. The excellent survey essays cover such timely topics as Alzheimer's disease, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, HIV/AIDS, and suicide. Alphabetically arranged, signed articles range from ten to 20 pages, with a topic outline, a glossary, cross references, and a bibliography. This is an essential purchase for most health science, academic, and large public libraries." --LIBRARY JOURNAL, BEST REFERENCE SOURCES 1998

"The articles cover a wide range of subjects. As one would expect, there are entries for various disorders and therapies: Alzheimer's disease, behavior therapy, mood disorders, to name a few. Other entries examine traits such as charisma and shyness or discuss problems associated with substances like alcohol and caffeine. Numerous articles focus on the mental health aspects of stressful situations--bereavement, chronic illness, commuting. Neurology is treated in articles such as brain scanning/neuroscanning. In his preface, the editor states that particular attention has also been paid to 'the family and developmental context for mental health and impairment,' evident in articles like family therapy, child sexual abuse, and divorce. This is a fine encyclopedia with a great deal of excellent information on subjects of interest to both professional and educated lay readers. Academic, health science, and large public libraries will find it very useful." --BOOKLIST

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