Chemistry and Physics of Stratospheric Ozone

Chemistry and Physics of Stratospheric Ozone, 1st Edition

Chemistry and Physics of Stratospheric Ozone, 1st Edition,Andrew Dessler,ISBN9780122120510


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Key Features

* Focuses on the important aspects of stratospheric ozone that are needed to understand most of the literature
* Provides extensive discussion of the natural and human-induced changes to the "ozone layer"
* Includes homework problems at the end of each chapter


Chemistry and Physics of Stratospheric Ozone will provide an in-depth account of chemical and physical properties of stratospheric ozone, which will be valuable to a wide audience.
The research of the last decade has produced as many arguments as answers, and the author provides a good account of both the accepted and provocative resolutions.


Undergraduates, graduate students, snd researchers in atmospheric sciences.

Andrew Dessler

Dr. Dessler received his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1994. He did his postdoctoral work at NASA Goddard and has been a research scientist at the University of Maryland since 1996. His work on stratospheric ozone ranges from building instruments and participating in field campaigns to analyzing satellite data and working with models of the stratosphere.

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Maryland, College Park, U.S.A.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:"Andrew Dessler has produced a useful and succinct text aimed at advanced-level undergraduates or starting post-graduates with no specialist knowledge of the stratosphere."
@qu:"The heart of the book addresses. . .the fundamentals of stratospheric chemistry, ozone production loss, chemical families and partitioning, and transport of ozone. These chapters rise well above the competition, with clear explanations and crisply designed figures based on 1990s-era satellite observations and modeling results. Dessler's book will find wide use as a graduate-level text and reference for researchers, and a second edition could be stellar."
@source:--CHOICE, 2001
@qu:"...does an excellent job of acquainting readers with the tools and terminology of current stratospheric ozone research in a highly intuitive fashion. Adding to its usefulness, the book contains a number of problems and "asides" that deal directly with common public misperceptions about ozone.... It should serve well as a college course supplement to one of the available general atmospheric science textbooks or as a concise reference in the stratospheric specialist's bookshelf."
@source:--EOS, 2001
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