Bone Disease of Organ Transplantation

Bone Disease of Organ Transplantation, 1st Edition

Bone Disease of Organ Transplantation, 1st Edition,Juliet Compston,Elizabeth Shane,ISBN9780121835026

Compston   &   Shane   

Academic Press




260 X 184

Transplantation Osteoporosis offers for the first time a comprehensive review of scientific and clinical aspects of bone disease in transplant recipients.

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Key Features

-Basic Transplantation and Bone Biology
-Pathogenesis of Transplantation Related Bone Disease
-Clinical Features of Transplantation Bone Disease


Bone disease, particularly osteoporosis, has emerged as a common and serious complication of solid organ transplantation. In recent years there have been real advances in our understanding of the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of bone loss, however treatment studies have been relatively sparse and successful strategies to reduce skeletal morbidity after transplantation remain to be clearly established. This book provides a unique resource for the many health professionals involved with transplantation of bone disease, both in terms of its scientific background and the management of the disease in clinical practice.


Clinicians who work with organ transplantation, as well as researchers in the fields of bone biology and tissue engineering.

Juliet Compston

Affiliations and Expertise

Univeristy of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Elizabeth Shane

Affiliations and Expertise

Columbia University, New York, New York, USA

Bone Disease of Organ Transplantation, 1st Edition

Part I. Basic Transplantation and Bone Biology
1. Principles of Transplantation Immunology
2. Bone Biology: Bone Structure and Remodeling
3. Skeletal Effects of Glucocorticoids: Basic and Clinical Aspects
4. Transplantation Bone Disease Induced by Non-Steroid Immunosuppressants
5. Molecular Effects of Calcineurin Inhibitors
6. Bone and Immune System
Part II. Pathogenesis of Transplantation-Related Bone Disease
7. Fracture Prevalence and Incidence in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients
8. Bone Histomorphometry and Its Application to Transplantation Bone Disease
9. The Role of Parathyroid Hormone in the Evolution of Bone Loss After Organ Transplantation
10. The Role of Hypogonadism in the Evolution of Bone Loss Before and After Cardiac Transplantation
11. Pathogenesis of Transplantation Bone Diseases: A Unifying Hypothesis
Part III. Clinical Features of Transplantation Bone Disease
12. Bone Disease After Kidney Transplantation
13. Histologic Abnormalities of Bone Before and After Kidney Transplantation
14. Bone Disease Following Kidney-Pancreas and Pancreas Transplantation
15. Bone Disease After Liver Transplantation
16. Bone Disease in Patients Before and After Cardiac Transplantation
17. Bone Loss in Patients Before and After Lung Transplantation
18. Transplantation for Cystic Fibrosis: Effect on the Skeleton
19. Bone Diseaes After Bone Marrow Transplantation
20. Osteonecrosis and Organ Transplantation
21. Pediatric Transplant Bone Disease
Part IV. Management
22. Management of Bone Disease in Candidates for Organ Transplant
23. Management: Prevention of Bone Loss After Organ Transplantation
24. Management: Established Osteoporosis in Organ Transplant Receipients

Quotes and reviews

@quote:"...a useful and needed review for those involved in the investigation or management of transplant-related bone disease."
@source:Matt J. Koch MD, Washington University School of Medicine for Doodys
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