Protein Phosphatases

Protein Phosphatases, 1st Edition

Protein Phosphatases, 1st Edition,Susanne Klumpp,Josef Krieglstein,ISBN9780121822699

Methods in Enzymology


Academic Press



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This entire volume is dedicated to Phosphate Phosphatases.

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Key Features

* Classification of Protein Phosphatases
* Analysis/Technology: Cell and Molecular Imaging Technology, Assay of Protein Phosphatases, MS and MNR, Genomics/Proteomics, cDNA Microarray Analysis
* Cellular Regulation: Substrates, Inhibitors, Regulation, Protein-Protein Interaction
* Biological Function: Antisense Studies, Transgenic and Knockout Animal Models in Vivo, Therapeutic Approaches


Protein phosphatases are a group of enzymes responsible for the dephosphorylation of various proteins and enzymes in a cell. This role is an extremely important one since protein phosphorylation and dephosphorylation is required for the regulation of a large number of cellular activities.


Biochemists, Cell Biologists, Biophysicists, Molecular Biologists, Biomedical Researchers

Susanne Klumpp

Affiliations and Expertise

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität

Josef Krieglstein

Affiliations and Expertise

Philipps - Universität

Protein Phosphatases, 1st Edition

Detection and Localization
Interacting Proteins and Subunits
Stimulation and Modulation of Activity
Expression Systems
Knockdown and Knockout Technologies
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