Control Theory and Design

Control Theory and Design, 1st Edition

An RH2 and RH Viewpoint

Control Theory and Design, 1st Edition,Patrizio Colaneri,Jose Geromel,Arturo Locatelli,ISBN9780080503103

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Key Features

Key Features
* Provides a self-contained manual for learning control systems and design
* Contains a clear and concise presentation of the technical background needed
* Includes a new perspective of classical LQG results
* Contains updated results and novel contributions to nonstandard RH2/RH infinity symbol problems
* Covers all the theory from the basic to the more advanced issues


Control systems design methodologies have long suffered the traditional and myopic dichotomy between time and frequency domain approaches, each of them being specialized to cope with only scarcely overlapping performance requirements. This book is aimed at bridging the two approaches by presenting design methodologies based on the minimization of a norm (H2/H() of a suitable transfer function. A distinctive feature of these techniques is the fact that they do not create only one solution to the design problem, instead they provide a whole set of admissible solutions which satisfy a constraint on the maximum deterioration of the performance index.
A systematic book on this topic is long overdue. Self-contained and practical in its approach, Control Theory and Design enables the reader to use the relevant techniques in various real-life applications. The text covers the basic facts of robustcontrol and theory as well as more recent achievements, such as robust stability and robust performance in presence of parameter uncertainties. It features a new perspective on classical LQC results and further sections on robust synthesis, nonclassicaloptimization problems, and analysis and synthesis of uncertain systems.
Control Theory and Design is essential reading for graduates and those entering the research field. The required mathematical background is provided so that the book is also suitable for undergraduate students with some knowledge of basic systemsand control.


Senior undergraduates and graduate students in electrical and systems engineering. Professionals who need a rigorous and complete introduction to control theory.

Patrizio Colaneri

Affiliations and Expertise

Milan Polytechnic Institute

Jose Geromel

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Campinas, San Paulo, Brazil

Arturo Locatelli

Affiliations and Expertise

Milan Polytechnic Institute

Control Theory and Design, 1st Edition

(Chapter Headings) Introduction. Preliminaries. Feedback Systems Stability. RH2 Control. RHinfinity symbol Control. Convex Programming Numerical Tools. Bibliography. Subject Index.
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