Enterprise Directory and Security Implementation Guide

Enterprise Directory and Security Implementation Guide, 1st Edition

Designing and Implementing Directories in Your Organization

Enterprise Directory and Security Implementation Guide, 1st Edition,Charles Carrington,Tim Speed,Juanita Ellis,Steffano Korper,ISBN9780121604523

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The Internet is connecting enterprises into a global economy. Companies are exposing their directories, or a part of their directories, to customers, business partners, the Internet as a whole, and to potential "hackers." If the directory structure is compromised, then the whole enterprise can be at risk. Security of this information is of utmost importance.

This book provides examples and implementation guidelines on building secure and structured enterprise directories. The authors have worked with corporations around the world to help them design and manage enterprise directories that operate efficiently and guard against outside intrusion. These experts provide the reader with "best practices" on directory architecture, implementation, and enterprise security strategies.


IT managers, CIOs, and computer security professionals.

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Tim Speed

Timothy Speed is an infrastructure and security architect for Lotus Professional Services (LPS), an IBM company. Tim has been involved in Internet and messaging security for the last 8 years. He has assisted with the Domino infrastructure at the Nagano Olympics and the Lotus Notes systems for the Sydney Olympics. Certifications include MCSE, VCA (VeriSign Certified Administrator), Lotus Domino CLP Principal Administrator, and Lotus Domino CLP Principal Developer. He and Juanita Ellis are the co-authors of books on Internet security and e-business.

Affiliations and Expertise

Lotus Consulting, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

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Juanita Ellis

Juanita Ellis has been at the forefront in working with corporations in the areas of convergence, computer Security and e-business. Some of these companies include Sony, JCPenney, SWBell, Boeing, Xerox, Bell Atlantic, MCI, Citibank and Toyota. Currently, she works with companies in helping deploy voice and data networks, converged solutions, VPN security and call center applications. In addition, she was a technical manager at Lotus/IBM for the southern, mid-Atlantic, and eastern regions of the United States. As a technical manager, she was responsible for designing and architecting enterprise-wide applications that integrated with enterprise resource planning systems, Internet technologies, and relational and transaction-based systems. She is currently an independent consultant.

Affiliations and Expertise

Consultant, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Steffano Korper

@text:Steffano Korper and Juanita Ellis are experts in cutting edge technologies, both as university lecturers and industry leaders. Lectures and programs have been conducted at the University of Maryland, University of Texas, Southern Methodist University, and University of California, Los Angeles. Nationally recognized corporations and organizations have requested their expertise in developing and deploying e-commerce solutions in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer commerce. In 1998, they developed the E-Commerce Program. Program details may be found at http://www.going-beyond-et.com. They have been featured on local and national radio shows, including CNN, Daybreak USA, Computer Daze, and Business Day. They also have been interviewed by publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine.Steffano Korper holds a B.S. in Business and Management and an M.S. in Information Systems.Juanita Ellis holds a B.S. in Business and Management and an M.S. in Information Systems. Currently, she is working on a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering Communications at George Washington University.Korper and Ellis continue to rise in visibility in the world of E-Commerce. Their courses have expanded from Southern Methodist University and University of California, Los Angeles to dozens of short courses at major corporations, including Motorola and Sony.

Affiliations and Expertise

Going Beyond E-Commerce Technologies, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Enterprise Directory and Security Implementation Guide, 1st Edition

Company Copyright Notices and Statements
Chapter 1—Introduction
1.1 Directories
1.2 X.500 and LDAP
Chapter 2—Directories, Security, and Tigers—Oh, My!
2.1 Directory Types
2.2 Directory Uses
2.3 Directory Security
Chapter 3—Directory Architecture
3.1 Architecture Defined
3.2 Critical Elements
3.3 Implementations—Products and Vendors
3.4 DAP and LDAP
Chapter 4—More on LDAP
4.1 Referrals
4.2 Authentication and Authorization
4.3 X.500
4.4 X.509
4.5 LDIF
Chapter 5—Directories Within the Enterprise
5.1 Historical Perspective
5.2 Directories and Privacy
5.3 Directories and NOS/OS
5.4 Directories and Messaging
Chapter 6—Implementation Considerations
for the Enterprise Directory
6.1 Directory Content, Design, DIT, and Attributes
6.2 Authoritative Sources of the Directory Information
6.3 Uniqueness Criteria
6.4 Directory Aggregation
Chapter 7—Enterprise Security
7.1 Bolt-on Security
7.2 Process Security
7.3 Competitive Asset
7.4 Physical Security Policy
7.5 Network Security Policy
7.6 Acceptable Use Policy
Chapter 8—The Security Strategy
8.1 The Security Committee
8.2 The Corporate Security Policy Document
Chapter 9—PKCS, PKIX, and LDAP
9.1 The Public-Private Key
9.2 The CRL
9.3 The LDAP
9.4 Public-Key Cryptography Standards
9.5 Cylink
9.6 Certification Practice Statement
Chapter 10—Enterprise Security Scenarios
10.1 Filtered Directory
10.2 The 100 Percent LDAP Solution
Chapter 11—Enterprise Security
and Security Deployment Planning
11.1 Security Planning
11.2 Security Hardware and Software Reference Guide

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