Applied Chaos Theory

Applied Chaos Theory, 1st Edition

A Paradigm for Complexity

Applied Chaos Theory, 1st Edition,Ali Cambel,ISBN9780121559403


Academic Press




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Key Features

@introbul:Key Features
@bul:*Includes laboratory experiments Includes applications and case studies related to cell differentiation, EKGs, and immunology
* Presents interdisciplinary applications of chaos theory to complex systems
* Emphasizes the meaning of mathematical equations rather than their derivations
* Features reader friendly presentation with many illustrations and interpretations
* Deals with real life, dissipative systemsIntegrates mathematical theory throughout the text


This book differs from others on Chaos Theory in that it focuses on its applications for understanding complex phenomena. The emphasis is on the interpretation of the equations rather than on the details of the mathematical derivations. The presentation is interdisciplinary in its approach to real-life problems: it integrates nonlinear dynamics, nonequilibrium thermodynamics, information theory, and fractal geometry. An effort has been made to present the material ina reader-friendly manner, and examples are chosen from real life situations. Recent findings on the diagnostics and control of chaos are presented, and suggestions are made for setting up a simple laboratory. Included is a list of topics for further discussion that may serve not only for personal practice or homework, but also as themes for theses, dissertations, and research proposals.


Research mathematicians, physicists, engineers, selected biologists, and computer scientists.

Ali Cambel

Affiliations and Expertise

George Washington University

Applied Chaos Theory, 1st Edition

Living with Complexity. Meta-Quantification of Complexity. The Anatomy of Systems and Structures. Attractors. Rapid Growth. The Logistic Curve. The Discrete Logistic Equation. The Different Personalities of Entropy. Dimensionsand Scaling. Gallery of Monsters. The Diagnostics and Control of Chaos. Discussion Topics. Chapter Notes and References. Index of Names. Subject Index.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:"This short, somewhat conversational book is illuminating on a variety of topics, such as attractors, nonlinear population equations, logistic maps, fractal dimensions, and Mandelbrot sets. It is written in an engaging manner at a level suitable for undergraduates, and the references are well chosen and fairly up to date....Cambels book will be a rewarding experience."
@qu:"[This] work fills an important niche between books on the application of mathematical techniques and books on hardware....It should be viewed by most undergraduate institutions as an important reference."
@source:--CHOICE (added 9/20/93 LMW)
@qu:"Chaos theory, at the heart of the new sciences of complexity, is surveyed in this readable and entertaining survey for the nonspecialist. Will be of interest to public and school libraries, and as a supplemental text in introductory college level courses. Includes a list of discussions."
@source:--NEW TECHNICAL BOOKS [12/92]
@qu:"The topic of your book is complex and prickly; I admire you for undertaking its explanation."
@source:--LAURIE HODGES, Ph.D., Atlanta, Georgia
@qu:"Your scholarly point of view, the meticulous method of approach, authoritative exposition of the subject matter and, concomitantly, its straightforward treatment, provide your book with a potential to become an object of high demand. It will certainly be high on my list of recommended texts."
@source:--PROFESSOR A.K. OPPENHEIM, Berkeley, California
@qu:"Of all the many current books on Chaos Theory, this one explains the underlying why and how of chaos. From money to medicine, it covers chaos theory applied to living and science. The scientific layman, beginning student, and advanced theorist will all profit from the clear explanations. If your knowledge of Chaos Theory is chaotic, this is the book to read."
@source:--FRANK W. SUMMERS, M.D., Santa Ana, California
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