Guilt and Children, 1st Edition

Guilt and Children, 1st Edition,Jane Bybee,ISBN9780121486105

J Bybee   

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Key Features

@introbul:Key Features
@bul:* Presents the many facets of guilt in children and its motivational value on behavior
* Edited by the leading researcher in this growing area of study
* Reviews useful assessment techniques for clinical psychologists


The concept of guilt has long been of interest to personality and clinical psychologists. Only recently has there been empirical research on how guilt develops in children and how it motivates behavior. Guilt and Children takes a fascinating look at the many facets of guilt in children. The book discusses gender differences, how feelings of guilt affect prosocial behavior, academic competence, sexual behavior, medical compliance, and general mental health. The book also includes coverage of theories of guilt and chapters on what children feel guilty about and how they cope with feelings of guilt. It also reviews useful assessment techniques.


Clinical and counseling psychologists; developmental psychologists; and researchers in personality, cognitive psychology, social psychology, sociology, and educational psychology.

Jane Bybee

Affiliations and Expertise

Suffolk University, Boston, MA

Guilt and Children, 1st Edition

What is Guilt?:
J.P. Tangney, How Does Guilt Differ from Shame?
T.J. Ferguson and H. Stegge, Measuring Guilt in Children: A Rose By Any Other Name Still Has Thorns.
How Does Guilt Develop?:
K.C. Barrett, The Origins of Guilt in Early Childhood.
M.L. Hoffman, Varieties of Empathy-Based Guilt.
J. Bybee, The Emergence of Gender Differences in Guilt during Adolescence.
Inducing, Instilling, and Alleviating Guilt:
R.F. Baumeister, Inducing Guilt.
L. Fischer and P.S. Richards, Religion and Guilt in Childhood.
D.L. Mosher, Guilt and Sexuality in Adolescents.
J. Bybee, R. Merisca, and R. Velasco, The Development of Reactions to Guilt-Producing Events.
Guilt and Adjustment:
M. Estrada-Hollenbeck and T.F. Heatherton, Avoiding and Alleviating Guilt through Prosocial Behavior.
C. Williams, Guilt in the Classroom.
G.R. Donenberg and J. Weisz, Guilt and Abnormal Aspects of Parent--Child Interactions.
J. Bybee and Z.N. Quiles, Guilt and Mental Health.
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