Nutritional Biochemistry

Nutritional Biochemistry, 2nd Edition

Nutritional Biochemistry, 2nd Edition,Tom Brody,ISBN9780121348366


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Key Features

@bul:* Integrates biochemistry and nutrition in a case-oriented method
* Emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning - case histories and clinical and research data illustrate all major points
* Places emphasis on metabolism - metabolic pathways, enzymology, nutrient requirements (including RDA values)
* Reveals the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, the biochemistry of exercise, the cell signaling pathways, how nutrition can influence the development of cancer, and the anthropometry and genetics of obesity.


Nutritional Biochemistry takes a scientific approach to nutrition. It covers not just "whats"--nutritional requirements--but why they are required for human health, by describing their function at the cellular and molecular level. Each case study either leads to a subsequent discovery or enables an understanding of the physiological mechanisms of action of various nutrition-related processes. The text is "picture-oriented" and the commentary is directed towards explaining graphs, figures, and tables.
Nutritional Biochemistry includes a discussion of relevant aspects of physiology, food chemistry, toxicology, pediatrics, and public health. Experimental techniques for nutritional science are emphasized, and primary data is included to help give students a feel for the nutrition literature. This "real-world" approach provides students with a realistic view of the basis for much of our understanding of nutritional biochemistry.


Advanced undergraduate and graduate students of nutrition and related biological sciences, as well as premedical and nursing students.

Tom Brody

Affiliations and Expertise

University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.

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Nutritional Biochemistry, 2nd Edition

Classification of Biological Structures.
Digestion and Absorption.
Nutrients that Resist or Escape Digestion.
Regulation of Energy Metabolism.
Energy Requirement.
Inorganic Nutrients.
Appendix A: Nutrition Methodology.
Appendix B: Cloning and Dot Blots.
Subject Index.
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