Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research

Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research, 1st Edition

Biology and Management

Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research, 1st Edition,Bruce Bennett,Christian Abee,Roy Henrickson,ISBN9780080537641

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Key Features

@introbul:Key Features
@bul:* Stresses the following major topics:
* Biology and medical management
* Reproductive physiology and breeding
* Nutrition
* Biohazards


This book represents the most comprehensive publication of its type on nonhuman primates. It also provides basic information on the biology and management of primates for anyone responsible for the care and use of these animals. A related book on primate diseases will be published in 1996.


Veterinary scientists, pharmaceutical scientists, microbiologists, oncologists, cell biologists, pathologists, geneticists, biomedical researchers, medical college bookstores, and veterinary and medical school instructors and students.

Bruce Bennett

Affiliations and Expertise

The University of Illinois, Chicago, U.S.A.

Christian Abee

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Michale E. Keeling Center for Comparative, Medicine and Research, Bastrop, Texas, U.S.A.

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Roy Henrickson

Affiliations and Expertise

University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.

Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research, 1st Edition

D.O. Johnsen, History.
D.K. Johnson, M.L. Morin, K.A.L. Bayne, and T.L.Wolfle, Laws, Regulations, and Policies.
R.A. Whitney, Taxonomy.
J.E. Turnquist and N. Hong, Functional Morphology.
L.E. Williams and I.S. Bernstein, Study of Primate Social Behavior.
L.A. Rosenblum and M.W. Andrews, Environmental Enrichment and Psychological Well-Being of Nonhuman Primates.
J.M. Erwin, B.D. Blood, C.H. Southwick, and T.L. Wolfle, Primate Conservation.
J.L. VandeBerg, Genetics of Nonhuman Primates.
A.G. Hendrickx and W.R. Dukelow, Reproductive Biology.
S.T. Kelley and A.S. Hall, Housing.
J.J. Knapke, D.E. Barnard, K.A.L. Bayne, S.M. Lewis, B.M. Marriot and O.T. Oftedal, Nutrition.
B. Dyke, Animal Identification and Record Keeping: Current Practice and Use.
T.M. Butler, B.G. Brown, R.C. Dysko, E.W. Ford, D.E. Hoskins, H.J. Klein, J.L. Levin, K.A. Murray, D. Rosenberg, J.L. Southers, and R.B. Swensen, Medical Management.
J.L. Southers and E.W. Ford, Part A: Preventive Medicine.
R.C. Dysko and D.E. Hoskins, Part B: Collection of Biological Samples and Therapy Administration.
H.J. Klein and K.A. Murray, Part C: Restraint.
B.G. Brown and R.B. Swenson, Part D: Surgical Management.
J.L. Levin, Part E: Special Techniques.
D. Rosenberg, Part F: Critical Care.
A.G. Hendrickx and W.R. Dukelow, Breeding.
S.R. Adams, E.E.S. Muchmore, and J.H. Richardson, Biosafety.
Part A: General Biosafety Considerations.
Part B: Zoonoses, Biohazards, and Other Health Risks.
Part C: A Model Occupational Health Program for Persons Working with Nonhuman Primates.
Chapter References.
Subject Index.

Quotes and reviews

@from:Praise for the Volume
@qu:"...there is an enormous amount of information in this book covering all areas of laboratory primatology... this book is a valuable synthesis of a very broad field. As such it is a useful first point of reference for people who are involved in biomedical research with non-human primates and who would use the chapters as a starting point rather than as a definitive view."
@source:--Robert Hubrecht in ANIMAL WELFARE
@qu:"An invaluable reference... there is no other text as comprehensive in scope and information on this subject... convince your institution to buy it."
@source:--Mark Klinger in ASLAP NEWSLETTER
@qu:"...this is an outstanding publication that combines high scholastic standards with pragmatism... The consistently high quality throughout must reflect the method chosen to assemble this book: three experienced editors, selection of expert authors for each chapter, and the use of a panel of critical reviewers of similar expertise."
@source:--Tim Morris in LABORATORY ANIMALS
@qu:"For anyone involved in the care and use of nonhuman primates, this textbook is an important and mandatory addition to their library."
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