Radiological Imaging

Radiological Imaging, 1st Edition

The Theory of Image Formation, Detection, and Processing

Radiological Imaging, 1st Edition,Harrison Barrett,William Swindell,ISBN9780120796038
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Radiological Imaging: The Theory of Image Formation, Detection, and Processing is intended to prepare the student to do research in radiological imaging, to teach general image science within a radiographic context, and to help the student gain fluency with the essential analytical tools of linear systems theory and the theory of stochastic processes that are applicable to any imaging system. The book contains chapters devoted to the discussion of linear systems, Poisson processes, analysis of radiographic systems, radiographic image detectors, and the various aspects of three-dimensional or tomographic imaging. Computed tomography, psychophysics, and scattered radiation and its effect on image are also elucidated. Radiology technicians will find the book very invaluable.


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Harrison Barrett

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Arizona, Tucson, U.S.A.

William Swindell

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Arizona, Tucson, U.S.A.

Radiological Imaging, 1st Edition

Preface to the Paperback Edition.
List of Important Symbols.
Named Functions.
The Clinical Setting.
Theory of Linear Systems.
Theory of Random Processes.
Application of Linear Systems Theory to Radiographic Imaging.
Classical Tomography.
Computed Tomography.
Multiplex Tomography.
Three-Dimensional Imaging.
Noise in Radiographic Images.
Scattered Radiation.
Appendix A: The Dirac Delta Function.
Appendix B: The Fourier Transform.
Appendix C: Interaction of Phtons with Matter.
Author Index.
Subject Index.
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