Metabolic Maps, 1st Edition

Pesticides, Environmentally Relevant Molecules and Biologically Active Molecules

Metabolic Maps, 1st Edition,Hiroyasu Aizawa,ISBN9780120456055


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Key Features

@introbul:Key Features
@bul:* Covers literature relating to degradation and metabolic profiles of molecules
* Draws together the literature on degradation and metabolism patterns with that on diversified conditions of the environmental systems
* Indicates 3D chemical structures, predicted physico-chemical parameters, logP and the SMILES chemical notations of the parent compounds to assist scientists design the lead compounds for new discovery using computer-aided technology


People working in development of drugs, pesticides, washing detergents, etc., are obliged by law to conduct analyses of the "metabolic pathways" or "maps" for the chemical compounds that they are using or proposing.
Everyone in these industries or carrying out research toward such products is therefore interested in having a reference on these compounds.


Graduate students and scientists in industry, government, and academia, researching biologically active compounds in the fields of toxicology, biotechnology, environmental chemistry, and metabolism.

Hiroyasu Aizawa

Hiroyasu Aizawa is the president of HRCI, Hiro Research Consultancy Inc., Japan, and a professor at the Applied Science Research Center, Tamagawa University Research Institute, Japan. He has considerable experience in the field of pesticide chemistry, including chemical synthesis, residue analysis, metabolism, and regulatory issues, and in the field of biologically active natural products gained from working in academia, chemical industries, and toxicology institutes and collaborating with government institutes and universities.

Affiliations and Expertise

HRCI Hiro Research Consultancy Inc., Tokyo, Japan, and Tamagawa University Research Institute, Japan

Metabolic Maps, 1st Edition


Acid Amides
Amidines, Guanidines, and Hydrazines
Amino Acid-Phophinic Acids
Anilines and Nitrobenzenes
Aryloxy Acids
Biphenyl Ethers
Dithio- and Thiolcarbamates
Halogenated Aliphatics
Halogenated Aromatics
Five-membered Heterocycles
Five-membered Heterocycles (fused)
Six- /more membered Heterocycles
Six- /more membered Heterocycles (fused)
Natural Products
Organophosphorous Compounds
Phenylureas and Related Compounds
Phosphono Amino Acids and Related Compounds
Triazines and Related Compounds

Predicted Parameters of log P
Author Index
Activity Index
Subject Index
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