Annual Reports in Organic Synthesis 1997

Annual Reports in Organic Synthesis 1997, 1st Edition

Annual Reports in Organic Synthesis 1997, 1st Edition,ISBN9780120408276

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Key Features

@introbul:Key Features
@bul:* Provides clearly illustrated structures of compounds in every feasible synthetic pathway
* Presents a general review of structure/activity information for each synthetic compound
* Includes extensive reference information on additional publications available for each reaction discussed
* Yields a current awareness of the literature, ideas for research, and questions for cumulative exams
* Remains the most comprehensive, reasonably priced compilation of its type


This handy inexpensive reference tool is an organized annual review of synthetically useful information. It abstracts synthetic reactions from the major chemistry journals of the past year and includes reactions and methods that are new and reasonably general. The reactions are presented in a convenient pictorial format designed for rapid visual retrieval of information. A comprehensive table of contents and a senior author index are included.
The Journal of the American Chemical Society has aptly described this publication as an "aid to the harassed organic chemist who cannot keep up with the never-diminishing stream of new primary literature" and hails it "an outstandingly good buy."


Organic, medicinal, and polymer chemists in research and industry.

Annual Reports in Organic Synthesis 1997, 1st Edition

Preface. Journals Abstracted. Glossary of Abbreviations. Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions. Oxidations. Reductions. Synthesis of Heterocycles. Protecting Groups. Useful Synthetic Preparations. Reviews. Selected TopicalAreas. Author Index.

Quotes and reviews

@from:Praise for the Series
@qu:"This information will be useful to nearly all organic chemists, both specialists and nonspecialists in synthesis. The topics covered include carbon–carbon bond forming reactions, oxidation–reductions, synthesis of heterocycles, protecting groups, and useful synthetic preparation."
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