Virus Structure, 1st Edition

Virus Structure, 1st Edition,Wah Chiu,John Johnson,ISBN9780120342648

Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology

Chiu   &   Johnson   

Academic Press




229 X 152

This volume covers the full spectrum of modern structural virology.

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Key Features

* Covers viral assembly using heterologous expression systems and cell extracts
* Discusses molecular mechanisms in bacteriophage T7 procapsid assembly, maturation and DNA containment
* Includes information on structural studies on antibody/virus complexes


This volume covers the full spectrum of modern structural virology. Its goal is to describe the means for defining moderate to high resolution structures and the basic principles that have emerged from these studies. Among the topics covered are Hybrid Vigor, Structural Folds of Viral Proteins, Virus Particle Dynamics, Viral Gemone Organization, Enveloped Viruses and Large Viruses.


Biochemists, Biophysists, Molecular Biologists, Cell Biologists, Virologists, Structural Biologists, Biochemical Researchers

Wah Chiu

Affiliations and Expertise

Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, USA

John Johnson

Affiliations and Expertise

Pennsylvania State University, DuBois, U.S.A.

Virus Structure, 1st Edition

Viral Assembly Using Heterologous Expression Systems and Cell Extracts.
Hybrid Vigor: Hybrid Methods in Viral Strucure Determination.
Structural Determination of Icosahedral Viruses by Electron Cryomicroscopy at Subnanometer Resoloution.
Structural Folds of Viral Proteins.
Virus Particle Dynamics.
Viral Genome Organization.
Mechanism of Scaffolding-Assisted Viral Assembly.
Molecular Mechanisms in Bacteriophage T7 Procapsid Assembly, Maturation and DNA Containment.
Conformational Changes in Enveloped Virus Surface Proteins during Cell Entry.
Enveloped Viruses.
Studying Large Viruses.
Structural Studies on Antibody/Virus Complexes.
Structural Basis of Nonenveloped Virus Cell Entry.

Quotes and reviews

"The authority, originality, and editing of the reviews are first class."
"The Advances in Protein Chemistry series has been a major factor in the education of protein chemists."

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