Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry

Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry, 1st Edition

Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry, 1st Edition,John Richard,ISBN9780120335404

Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry

J Richard   

Academic Press




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Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry provides the chemical community with authoritative and critical assessments of the many aspects of physical organic chemistry. The field is a rapidly developing one, with results and methodologies finding application from biology to solid state physics.


For those interested in the relationship between the structure and function of organic compounds and includes physical and theoretical chemists as well as organic and bioorganic chemists

John Richard

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Chemistry, University of Buffalo, NY, U.S.A.

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Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry, 1st Edition

Preface (J.P. Richard).

Carbenes Generated within Cyclodextrins and Zeolites (U.H. Brinker, M.G. Rosenberg).

Mechanistic Studies on Enzyme-Catalyzed Phosphoryl Transfer (A. Hengge).

Finite Assemblies in the Organic Solid State: Towards Engineering Properties of Solids (T.D. Hamilton, L.R. MacGillivray).

The Physical Organic Chemistry of Very High-Spin Polyradicals (A. Rajca).

Computer Simulation of Enzyme Catalysis and its Relationship to Physical Organic Chemistry (A. Warshel et al.).

Mechanisms of Hydrolysis and Rearrangements of Arene Epoxides (D. Whelan).
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