Amylin, 1st Edition

Physiology and Pharmacology

Amylin, 1st Edition,Andrew Young,ISBN9780120329540

Advances in Pharmacology


Academic Press



229 X 152

The First New Medicine since Insulin for Type-1 Diabetes

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Key Features

*Provides a current comprehensive treatment of amylin the hormone
*Identifies the majority of amylin's physiologic functions


Deciphers amylin's physiology and reveals previously unrecognized mechanisms fundamental to control body weight and fuel homeostasis. Also discusses therapeutic utility of amylin as the first new medicine to treat diabetes since insulin.


Endocrinologists, pharmacologists, biochemists, neuroscientists

Andrew Young

Affiliations and Expertise

Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc., San Diego, CA, USA

Amylin, 1st Edition

Section 1:
Chapter 1. Historical Background
Chapter 2. Tissue Expression and Secretion of Amylin
Chapter 3. Receptor Pharmacology
Section 2: Biological Action of Amylin
Chapter 4. Amylin and the Integrated control of Nutrient Influx
Chapter 5. Inhibition of Food Intake
Chapter 6. Inhibition of Gastric Emptying
Chapter 7: Effects on Digestive Secretions
Chapter 8. Inhibition of Glucagon Secretion
Chapter 9. Inhibition of Insulin Secretion
Chapter 10. Effects on Plasma Glucose and Lactate
Chapter 11. Effects in Skeletal Muscle
Chapter 12. Effects in Liver
Chapter 13: Effects in Fat
Chapter 14. Cardiovascular Effects
Chapter 15. Renal Effects
Chapter 16. Effects on Bone
Chapter 17. Central Nervous System and Other Effects
Chapter 18. Clinical Studies
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