T Cell Subsets

T Cell Subsets, 1st Edition

Cellular Selection, Commitment and Identity

T Cell Subsets, 1st Edition,Frederick Alt,H. Cantor,Laurie Glimcher,ISBN9780120224838

Advances in Immunology

Alt   &   Cantor   &   Glimcher   

Academic Press




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This first thematic issue, of the Advances in Immunology series, highlights the remarkable new insights into the mechanisms that govern development and function of T cell lineages. Recent developments in the understanding of the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms that regulate development of the two major T cell lineages will have a fundamental impact on a number of research fields -immunology, cell biology, hematology and stem cell research. All of these groups have a vested interest in comprehending issues such as stem cell self renewal, progenitor plasticity, lineage commitment and cellular identity. Immunologists have a special interest in the mechanisms that allow selection of a T cell repertoire whose members integrate genetic information for T cell receptor, co-receptor and specialized immunologic function, since this process lies at the core of adaptive immunity.

T Cell Subsets is a timely and invaluable review for immunologists, cell biologists hematologists and stem cell researchers


Immunologists and infectious disease researchers

Frederick Alt

Affiliations and Expertise

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Laboratories, The Children's Hospital, Boston, MA, USA

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H. Cantor

Affiliations and Expertise

Dana Farber Cancer Institution, Boston, Massachussetts, U.S.A.

Laurie Glimcher

Affiliations and Expertise

Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachussetts, U.S.A.

T Cell Subsets, 1st Edition

Lineage Commitment and Developmental Plasticity in Early Lymphoid Progenitor Subsets
The CD4/CD8 Lineage Choice: New Insights into Epigenetic Regulation During T Cell Development
CD4/CD8 Coreceptors in Thymocyte Development, Selection, and Lineage Commitment: Analysis of the CD4/CD8 Lineage Decision
Development and Function of T Helper 1 Cells
Th2 cells: Orchestrating Barrier Immunity
Generation, Maintenance, and Function of Memory T. Cells
An Integrated Model of Immunoregulation Mediated by Regulatory T Cell Subsets
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