T Cell Subsets

T Cell Subsets, 1st Edition

Cellular Selection, Commitment and Identity

T Cell Subsets, 1st Edition,ISBN9780120224838

Advances in Immunology

Academic Press




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This first thematic issue, of the Advances in Immunology series, highlights the remarkable new insights into the mechanisms that govern development and function of T cell lineages. Recent developments in the understanding of the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms that regulate development of the two major T cell lineages will have a fundamental impact on a number of research fields -immunology, cell biology, hematology and stem cell research. All of these groups have a vested interest in comprehending issues such as stem cell self renewal, progenitor plasticity, lineage commitment and cellular identity. Immunologists have a special interest in the mechanisms that allow selection of a T cell repertoire whose members integrate genetic information for T cell receptor, co-receptor and specialized immunologic function, since this process lies at the core of adaptive immunity.

T Cell Subsets is a timely and invaluable review for immunologists, cell biologists hematologists and stem cell researchers


Immunologists and infectious disease researchers

T Cell Subsets, 1st Edition

Lineage Commitment and Developmental Plasticity in Early Lymphoid Progenitor Subsets
The CD4/CD8 Lineage Choice: New Insights into Epigenetic Regulation During T Cell Development
CD4/CD8 Coreceptors in Thymocyte Development, Selection, and Lineage Commitment: Analysis of the CD4/CD8 Lineage Decision
Development and Function of T Helper 1 Cells
Th2 cells: Orchestrating Barrier Immunity
Generation, Maintenance, and Function of Memory T. Cells
An Integrated Model of Immunoregulation Mediated by Regulatory T Cell Subsets
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