Genetics of Sexual Differentiation and Sexually Dimorphic Behaviors

Genetics of Sexual Differentiation and Sexually Dimorphic Behaviors, 1st Edition

Genetics of Sexual Differentiation and Sexually Dimorphic Behaviors, 1st Edition,Daisuke Yamamoto,ISBN9780120176601

Advances in Genetics

D Yamamoto   

Academic Press




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Hot topics on the genetics of sexual differentiation from leading international scientists

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Key Features

* Nine chapters on the most advanced research on the differentiating behaviors among sexes
* More than 300 pages of articles from leading international scientists, this volume offers genetic behaviorial information related to drosophila, mice, birds, voles, and mammals
* Hot topics include sex differences in brain and behavior; genomic imprinting and the evolution of sex differences; gene regulation; peptide pheromone production and reception, and more


The field of genetics is rapidly evolving and new medical breakthroughs are occuring as a result of advances in knowledge of genetics. This series continually publishes imporatnt reviews of the broadest interest to geneticists and their colleagues in affiliated disciplines.


Geneticists, molecular biologists, neurobiologists

Daisuke Yamamoto

Daisuke Yamamoto was graduated from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in 1976, and earned his PhD in 1981 from Hokkaido University. He joined Mitsubishi Kasei Institute of Life Sciences as a researcher in 1980, and worked there until 1999. For two years from 1981, he was trained as a postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern University Medical School, USA. In 1999, he was appointed as a professor in Waseda University. He assumed the current professor post at Tohoku University in April 2005, and became a distinguished professor in 2011. Yamamoto specializes in behavior genetics, particularly of fruit fly mating behaviour.

Affiliations and Expertise

Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

Genetics of Sexual Differentiation and Sexually Dimorphic Behaviors, 1st Edition

1. Genetic Control of Sex Differences in C. elegans Neurobiology and Behavior
2. The Neural and Genetic Substrates of Sexual Behavior in Drosophila
3. Sexual Differentiation of the Vocal Control System of Birds
4. Gene Regulation as a Modulator of Social Prefernce in Voles
5. Genetic Basis for MHC-dependent Mate Choice
6. Molecular Biology of Peptide Pheromone Production and Reception in Mice
7. Environmental Programming of Phenotypic Diversity in Female Reproductive Strategies
8. Genomic Imprinting and the Evolution of Sex Differences in Mammalian Reproductive Strategies
9. Sex Differences in Brain and Behavior: Hormones vs Genes
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