Advances in Ecological Research

Advances in Ecological Research, 1st Edition

Advances in Ecological Research, 1st Edition,M. Begon,Alastair Fitter,ISBN9780120139255

Advances in Ecological Research

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Concerns about the increasing greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and the resulting global effects have received high visibility in the general media as well as scientific journals. These concerns have been translatedinto several projects from the international scientific community-projects aimed to better understand the processes of climate and how these changes impact the ecosystem.
The lively selection of articles in this issue of Advances in Ecological Research cover a wide spectrum of ecology and provide something of interest to all ecologists. Topics include temperature and organism size, carbon allocation in trees, and the role of morphological plasticity in resource acquisition.


Ecologists; students and researchers in conservation and plant science.

M. Begon

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Liverpool, U.K.

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Alastair Fitter

Affiliations and Expertise

University of York, U.K.

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Advances in Ecological Research, 1st Edition

D. Atkinson, Temperature and Organism Size-A Biological Law for Ectotherms?
M.G.R. Cannell and R.C. Dewar, Carbon Allocation in Trees: A Review of Concepts for Modelling.
P.M. Room, L. Maillette, and J.S. Hanan, Module and Metamer Dynamics and Virtual Plants.
M.J. Hutchings and H. De Kroon, Foraging in Plants: The Role of Morphological Plasticity in Resource Acquisition.
B.A. Johnson and S.L. Gutsell, Fire Frequency Models, Methods and Interpretations.
Subject Index.

Quotes and reviews

@from:Praise for the Series
@qu:"This series should certainly serve as an effective means of keeping abreast of the major advances in this challenging and growing field."
@qu:"Without exception the papers are well and attractively written and together constitute an important and stimulating contribution to the modern science of ecology."
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