Advances in Drug Research

Advances in Drug Research, 1st Edition

Advances in Drug Research, 1st Edition,Bernard Testa,Urs Meyer,ISBN9780120133260

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Volume 26 continues the trend of shorter, more frequent volumes. With Volume 25, the series gained a new co-editor, Urs Meyer. While retaining the commitment to publish chapters on therapeutic or chemical classes and on general topics or concepts, the series' coverage has expanded to include methodological chapters, and new areas of recognized or potential significance to drug research, especially in molecular pharmacology.


Pharmacologists, medicinal chemists, and toxicologists.

Bernard Testa

Affiliations and Expertise

University Hospital Centre, Lausanne, Switzerland

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Urs Meyer

Affiliations and Expertise

Biocentre, University of Basel, Switzerland

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Advances in Drug Research, 1st Edition

L.B. Kier and B. Testa, Complexity and Emergence in Drug Research.
M.S. Tute, Drug Design: the Present and the Future.
K. Burki and B. Ledermann, Transgenic Animals as Pharmacological Tools.
C.L. Crespi, Xenobiotic-metabolizing Human Cells as Tools for Pharmacological and Toxicological Research.
J. Urquhart, Correlates of Variable Patient Compliance in Drug Trials: Relevance in the New Health Care Environment.
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