Plant Trichomes

Plant Trichomes, 1st Edition

Plant Trichomes, 1st Edition,J. A. Callow,ISBN9780120059317

Advances in Botanical Research

J Callow   

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This volume is a collection of review articles by leading scientists involved in various aspects of work involving plant hairs, or "trichomes." The scope of the volume is broad, representing the fact that there is interest in these structures for researchers in diverse fields including plant anatomy, taxonomy, cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, and ecology.


Postgraduate and researchers in the plant sciences including botany and plant pathology.

J. A. Callow

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Birmingham, U.K.

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Plant Trichomes, 1st Edition

Trichome Diversity and Development.
Current and Potential Exploitation of Plant Glandular Trichome Productivity.
Anacardic Acids in Trichomes of Perlargonium Biosynthesis, Molecular Biology Ecological Effects.
Monoterpenoid Biosynthesis in Glandular Trichomes of Labiate Plants.
Structure and Function of Secretory Cells.
Trichome Morphogenesis.
Specification of Epidermal Cell Morphology.
Trichome Initiation in Arabidopsis.
Chemotaxonomy Based on Metabolites from Glandular Trichomes.
Trichome Plasmodesmata: a Model System for Cell-to-cell Movement.
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