Pathogen Indexing Technologies

Pathogen Indexing Technologies, 1st Edition

Pathogen Indexing Technologies, 1st Edition,S. De Boer,John Andrews,Inez Tommerup,ISBN9780120059232

Advances in Botanical Research

De Boer   &   Andrews   &   Tommerup   

J Callow   

Academic Press




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Significant advancements have been made in pathogen detection technologies during the last decade. Indexing of plants and plant parts for the presence of specific pathogens has been most effective in some instances for avoiding and/or controlling disease. The new technologies for detecting low levels of pathogens will increase the value of indexing as a tool for plant disease control. Providing an overview of the status of detection technology, this volume is directed not only to scientists and students interested in detection technology, but also to those interested in formulating and implementing disease control and quarantine regulations. This book provides a conceptual framework which presents the current scientific literature, state-of-the-art assessments, and speculations on future developments and requirements of pathogen indexing methods. Chapters cover the different pathogen groups, review current practices in areas where detection technology has become important, and provide perspectives on how indexing technologies can be applied, how well it has worked, and which problems remain. Statistical treatment of detection limits, sampling strategies, risk assessment, cost, standardization, and quality control are also covered.


Plant scientists, postgraduates, researchers, and disease control officers.

S. De Boer

Affiliations and Expertise

Pacific Agriculture Research Centre, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

John Andrews

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Wisconsin, Madison, U.S.A.

View additional works by John H. Andrews

Inez Tommerup

Affiliations and Expertise

CSIRO Centre for Mediterranean Agricultural Research, Perth, Australia

View additional works by Inez C. Tommerup

Pathogen Indexing Technologies, 1st Edition

D.E. Stead, D.L. Ebbels, and A.W. Pemberton, The Value of Indexing for Disease Control Strategies.
S.H. De Boer, D.A. Cuppels, and R. Gitaitis, Detecting Latent Bacterial Infections.
H. Huttinga, Sensitivity of Indexing Procedures for Viruses and Viroids.
S.A. Miller, Detecting Propagules of Plant Pathogenic Fungi.
K.R. Barker and E.L. Davis, Assessing Plant-Nematode Infestations and Infections.
I.G. Dinesen and A. van Zaayen, Potentialof Pathogen Detection Technology for Management of Diseases in Glasshouse Ornamental Crops.
J. Langerak, R.W. van den Bulk, and A.A.J.M. Franken, Indexing Seeds for Pathogens.
S.H. De Boer, S.A. Slack, G. van den Bovenkamp, and I. Mastenbroek, A Role for Pathogen Indexing Procedures in Potato Certification.
C.A. Lovesque and D.M. Eaves, A Decision Modelling Approach for Quantifying Risk in Pathogen Indexing.
C. Sutula, Quality Control and Cost Effectiveness of Indexing Procedures.
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