Building Valve Amplifiers, 2nd Edition

Building Valve Amplifiers, 2nd Edition,Morgan Jones,ISBN9780080966380
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Building Valve Amplifiers, 2nd Edition

Chapter 1 Planning

Chapter 2 Metalwork for poets

Chapter 3 Wiring

Chapter 4 Component Technology

Chapter 5 Test equipment principles

Chapter 6 Faultfinding to fettling

Chapter 7 Performance Testing

Chapter 8 Construction: Bulwer-Lytton 4W amplifier from start to finish

Quotes and reviews

"It is a highly detailed book on the actual design and construction of tube amplifiers…the book covers planning, metalworking, wiring and testing.  A real nitty gritty book for hobbyists and serious manufacturers.  For example, the book details things like how to orient audio and power transformers to avoid problems of magnetic flux leakage from affecting other transformers or the tubes themselves.  The test section is excellent.", March 17, 2014

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