Configuration Management Metrics

Configuration Management Metrics, 1st Edition

Configuration Management Metrics, 1st Edition,Frank B. Watts,ISBN9780080964454


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Configuration Management sets the stage for innovation in both Engineering and Operations; and Configuration Management Metrics provides the tools to accomplish it.

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Key Features

    • Provides detailed guidance on developing and implementing measurement systems and reports
    • Demonstrates methods of graphing and charting data, with benchmarks
    • A practical resource for the development of Engineering Documentation Control processes
    • Includes basic principles of Product Lifecycle processes and their measurement


    Configuration Management Metrics: Product Lifecycle and Engineering Documentation Control Process Measurement and Improvement provides a comprehensive discussion of measurements for configuration management/product lifecycle processes. Each chapter outlines one of the most important measures of merit - the need for written policy and procedures. The best of the best practices as to the optimum standards are listed with an opportunity for the reader to check off those that their company has and those they do not. The book first defines the concept of configuration management (CM) and explains its importance. It then discusses the important metrics in the major CM and related processes. These include: new item release; order entry/fulfillment; request for change; bill of material change cost; and field change. Ancillary processes which may or may not be thought of as part of these major processes are also addressed, including deviations, service parts, publications and field failure reporting.


    Engineering designers and managers; anyone involved in configuration management functions

    Frank B. Watts

    Frank is a product of a University of Illinois engineering education and over forty-eight years of industrial and consultation experience. He founded his own company to specialize in configuration management with specific expertise in product release, change control and bills of material and other engineering documentation control issues. Formally a Director of Engineering Services, Director of Operations and a Director of Manufacturing Engineering, Frank has also managed Configuration Management, Cost Estimating, Industrial Engineering, Test Engineering, Pilot Production and Repair Operations. He has contributed as a Design Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Systems Analyst and Project Manager. Frank has guided the development of the engineering change control process at many companies and made significant contributions toward improving the new product release process, installed MRP/ERP systems, new numbering systems, helped companies attain a single BOM database and guided reengineering of the CM processes. His industrial experience was with Caterpillar, Collins Radio, Control Data, Storage Technology, UFE and Archive. He has presented seminars on the subject to over 3,500 product manufacturing people. He is an NDIA Certified Configuration and Data Manager, author of several magazine articles and author of a book - Engineering Documentation Control Handbook third edition copyright 2008. This book has sold over 10,000 copies and, according to one reviewer, “Sets the Stage for Innovation.”

    Affiliations and Expertise

    EC3 Corp

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    Configuration Management Metrics, 1st Edition



    Chapter 1 Introduction

    • What is CM?
    • Setting the stage for innovation
    • Bridge the gap
    • CM processes
    • Why is measurement important
    • Importance/urgency of metrics
    • CM process ladder
    • Process quality

    Chapter 2 Metrics and process requirements

    • Timeliness of reporting
    • The first step to improvement
    • Not enough data/too much data
    • Metric formats
    • Thru-put time
    • Frequency of reporting
    • Policy and procedure requirements
    • Work in process and thru-put time
    • Getting management's attention
    • Management champion
    • Training metrics
    • Setting goals
    • Tooting your horn
    • Facts database
    • Benchmarking
    • Benchmarking survey – general

    Chapter 3 New item release

    • Release standards, definition and rules
    • New product time to market
    • Release process flow diagram
    • Release activity data
    • Release activity summary
    • Release – sorting out what's important
    • Development process case study
    • Release in lead time
    • Release time benchmarks
    • Support and manufacturing process documents
    • Other engineering release metrics
    • Release process quality
    • Release phase status
    • Benchmarking survey – release process

    Chapter 4 Order entry and fulfillment

    • Order entry process
    • Order fulfillment
    • Promise to deliver
    • Make to order
    • Design to order
    • Make to print
    • Make to stock
    • Order entry and fulfillment process quality

    Chapter 5 Bill of material (BOM) process

    • BOM process standards
    • Part number assignment
    • Item master file
    • Multiple BOMs
    • BOM reconciliation and correction
    • New product BOM status
    • BOM levels
    • Benchmarking survey – BOM process

    Chapter 6 Request process

    • Request process standards
    • Request flow diagram
    • Request action items list
    • Request process time metrics
    • Request rejection is OK
    • Benchmarking survey – request process

    Chapter 7 Ancillary processes

    • Deviations
    • Deviation standards
    • Deviation to make a fast change
    • Service parts
    • Publications
    • Failure reporting

    Chapter 8 Change cost

    • Benchmarking survey – change cost
    • Cost standards
    • Average cost of a change
    • Payback
    • Market demand
    • Cost metric and application
    • Real cost reductions
    • Other possible cost metrics
    • Bottom line

    Chapter 9 Change process

    • Change standards
    • Interchangeability
    • Change class
    • Change control process flow
    • Engineering phase
    • Technical release/point of no return
    • Configuration Management phase
    • Manufacturing phase
    • Change process summary
    • Case study
    • Engineering phase metrics
    • Point of no return metrics
    • CM phase metrics
    • Manufacturing phase metrics
    • Total change process time
    • Change process quality
    • Benchmarking survey – change process

    Chapter 10 Field changes

    • Field change standards
    • Field change process flow
    • Field change order metrics
    • Field installation performance
    • Field change volume
    • Benchmarking survey – field changes

    Chapter 11 Definitions

    • Data dictionary
    • Acronyms and terms
    • Summary
    • List of figures
    • List of tables
    • Index

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