The Concise Encyclopedia of the Properties of Materials Surfaces and Interfaces

The Concise Encyclopedia of the Properties of Materials Surfaces and Interfaces, 1st Edition

The Concise Encyclopedia of the Properties of Materials Surfaces and Interfaces, 1st Edition,J. W. Martin,ISBN9780080548111


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An up-to-date encylopedia of surface/interface properties of a wide variety of materials with engineering importance.

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Key Features

* Keep up to date with the pace of developments in material science and engineering
* Designed for quick reference and ease of use combining theory and practice to enhance work flow
* Single volume concise reference work for engineers, scientists and consultants working in the field


The structure and thermodynamics of solid surfaces are considered in this single volume. This includes their reactivity and catalytic role, as well as their tribological features such as friction, lubrication, adhesion and wear.

The importance of surface coatings and surface films upon material properties is also reviewed, and a range of articles on the production and characterisation of thin films is included.

Approximately one hundred articles have been selected which discuss the above features in a range of material families, e.g.. metallic, ceramic and polymeric. Reviews of the surface properties of wood and paper are also included.


Engineers, materials scientists, consultants.

J. W. Martin

Emeritus Reader in Physical Metallurgy

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Oxford, UK

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The Concise Encyclopedia of the Properties of Materials Surfaces and Interfaces, 1st Edition

Abrasive Wear of Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene, L. M. Brunner and T. A. Tervoort,
Adhesion, Fundamentals of, M. K. Chaudhury
Advanced Coatings for Structural Materials, J. J. Moore and D. Zhong
Atomic Layer Epitaxy, T. Kurabayashi and J.-I. Nishizawa
Atomic Structure of Surface Steps and Reconstruction, M. Ichimura
Automotive Body Trim, Coatings, and Paint Systems, D. Bauer and J. Helmes
Block Copolymers at Interfaces, Mechanical Strength of, C. Creton
Block Copolymer Thin Films, T. P. Russell, E. Huang and L. Rockford
Carbon Films, L. Vandenbulcke and V. Serin
Carbons and Graphites: Surface Properties of, P. M. A. Sherwood
Catalysis, P. B. Wells
Ceramics: Grain Growth, J. E. Blendell and C. A. Handwerker
Coarsening, Modeling Grain Growth, P. W. Voorhees
Composite Dental Materials: Wear, K. Goovaerts, P. Lambrechts, J. De Munck, L. Bergmans and B. Van Meerbeek
Composites: Interfaces, T. W. Clyne and F. R. Jones
Conjugated Polymers at Surfaces and Interfaces, Electronic and Chemical Structure of, J. Birgerson and W. R. Salaneck
Crystal Surfaces, Thermodynamics, J. M. Blakely
Dielectric and Ferroelectric Ceramics: Interfaces, I.-W. Chen
Dislocations in Thin Films: Observations, G. Dehm and P. Müllner
Elastic Moduli of Polymer Thin Films: A High-throughput Metrology, C. M. Stafford and C. Harrison
Elastomer Surfaces, Contact Mechanics Testing of, K. R. Shull
Electroceramics: Modeling of Grain Boundaries, Interfaces, and Defects, D. E. Ellis and K. C. Mundim
Epitaxy, K. J. Bachmann
Fatigue Strength: Improving by Surface Treatment, T. Tanaka
Ferrite and Austenite: Grain Growth, T. Maki
Fracture at Interfaces, N. P. O’Dowd
Fracture in Thin Films, Z. Suo
Grain Boundaries: Structure, D. Wolf
Grain Boundary Effects in Nanocrystalline Mixed Conducting Films, I. Kosacki and H. U. Anderson
Grain Boundary Engineering, V. Randle
Grain Boundary Geometry: Measurement, V. Randle
Grain Boundary Segregation, Anisotropy and Prediction, P. Lejèek and S. Hofmann
Grain Boundary Sliding: Experimental Observations, R. N. Stevens
Grain Boundary Sliding: Theory, A. D. Sheikh-Ali
Grain Growth, A. M. Glaeser
Grain Growth, Abnormal, J. W. Martin
Grain Growth, Uniform, M. A. Miodownik
Hertzian Contacts, N. P. Padture
Heterophase Interfaces, A. P. Sutton
High-resolution Electron Microscopy of Interfaces, D. J. Smith
Interface Stresses, W. D. Nix
Kinetics of Epitaxial Growth, K. J. Bachmann, B. H. Cardelino and C. E. Moore
Machining: Wear of Tools, F. Klocke, G. Eisenblätter and T. Krieg
Mechanical Surface Treatment, B. Scholtes and O. Voehringer
Mechanical Surface Treatments for Decorative Purposes, T. Dörr,
Metal Forming and Lubrication, N. Bay
Metal Forming: Surface Quality of Products, K. Lange
Metal Hydrides: Sorption Kinetics, M. H. Mintz
Micro Devices: Stiction and Adhesion, R. Maboudian
Molecular Beam Epitaxy, K. Alavi
Molecular Gradients on Surfaces: Formation and Applications in Soft Condensed Matter Science, J. Genzer
Morphological Surface Roughening, L. B. Freund
Multilayer Optical Film Modeling, W. R. Hendren
Multilayers: Electrical Properties, Fuchs/Sondheimer Model, G. Reiss, H. Brückl and J. Vancea
Oxide Films, Thin, P. R. Davies
Paper: Porosity, D. W. Bousfield
Paper Surfaces: Subjective Evaluation, B. Scheller
Paper, Wetting and Penetration of Liquids into, M. A. Hubbe
Piezoelectric Thin Films for MEMS, P. Muralt
Polymer Brushes at Air–Water Interfaces, W. A. Goedel
Polymer Brushes: Polymerization to Control Interfacial Properties, J. Rühe
Polymer Brushes: Structure and Dynamics, J. F. Douglas, A. Karim, M. S. Kent and S. K. Satija
Polymer Composites, Friction and Wear of, K. Friedrich and R. Reinicke
Polymer Crystals: Epitaxial Growth, B. Lotz and A. Thierry
Polymer Surfaces: Segregation, R. A. L. Jones
Polymer Surfaces: Structure, S. K. Kumar and R. L. Jones
Polymer Surfaces: Thermodynamics, B. B. Sauer and G. T. Dee
Polymer–Water Interfaces, A. M. Mayes
Residual Stresses in Coated and Layered Systems, T. W. Clyne
Segregation to Boundaries, R. G. Faulkner
Self-assembly by Phase Separation in Polymer Thin Films, A. Karim, J. F. Douglas, L. P. Sung and B. D. Ermi
Slip Transfer across Microstructural Interfaces in Duplex Titanium Aluminides, M. A. Gibson
Superconducting Thin Films: Materials, Preparation, and Properties, I. Bozovic and D. G. Schlom
Surface Coatings for High-temperature Alloys, R. A. Rapp
Surface Defects and Reactivity, C. R. A. Catlow
Surface Diffusion at Solid Surface: An Atomic View, G. L. Kellogg
Surface Diffusion: Simulations, R. Ferrando
Surface Instabilities (Kinetic), J. Krug
Surface Photochemistry, L. Siller
Surface Reactivity of Metal Surfaces Studied by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM), M. W. Roberts
Surface Reconstruction, V. Pontikis
Surface Roughening, V. Pontikis
Surfaces, Laser Coating of, P. B. Comita and R. J. von Gutfeld
Surfaces: Reconstruction, K. Heinz
Thin-film Growth: Phase Transition, U. Herr
Thin-film Materials for Solid-state Rechargeable Batteries, N. J. Dudney, J. B. Bates and B. J. Neudecker
Thin-film Processes, R. Messier and S. Trolier-McKinstry
Thin-film Processes, R. Messier and S. Trolier-McKinstry,
Thin Films: Characterization by X-Rays, P. N. Gibson
Thin Films: Fatigue, O. Kraft
Thin Films, In Situ Stress Measurement of, S. J. Hearne and J. A. Floro
Thin Films: Mechanical Testing, O. Kraft
Thin Films: Plasticity, W. D. Nix and O. S. Leung
Thin Films: Stresses, S. G. Mayr
Thin Films: Stress Measurement Techniques, P. A. Flinn
Thin Films: Texture Effects on Mechanical Properties, R. P. Vinci
Thin Films: Tribology, K. Taube and K. Bewilogua
Vapor-deposited Materials, Structure of, Z. H. Barber
Wear and Lubrication, I. M. Hutchings
Wood: Finishes and Coatings, W. C. Feist
Wood: Surface Properties and Adhesion, D. J. Gardner
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