Progress in Low Temperature Physics

Progress in Low Temperature Physics, 1st Edition

Quantum Turbulence

Progress in Low Temperature Physics, 1st Edition,Makoto Tsubota,ISBN9780080548104

M Tsubota   

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Key Features

- Key subjects covered: Energy spectra in quantum turbulence, Turbulent dynamics in rotating helium superfluids: a comparison of 3He-B and 4He-II,
Quantum turbulence in superfluid 3He at very low temperatures, The use of vibrating structures in the study of quantum turbulence, Visualization of quantum turbulence, Capillary turbulence on the surface of quantum fluids, Quantized vortices in atomic Bose-Einstein condensates
- Crucial information for all experimenters in low temperature physics


This volume presents seven review articles on the recent developments on quantum turbulence. Turbulence has been a great mystery in natural science and technology for more than 500 years since the time of Leonardo da Vinci. Recently turbulence in quantum systems at low temperatures has developed into a new research field. Quantum turbulence is comprised of quantized vortices, realized in superfluid helium and quantum gases of cold atoms. Some of the important topics include energy spectra, vibrating structures, and visualization techniques. The understanding of these remarkable systems can have an impact on the general field of turbulence and will be of broad interest to scientists and students in low temperature physics, hydrodynamics and engineering.


Graduate students, Scientists in the field of mathematics, physics, engineering

Makoto Tsubota

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Physics, Osaka City University, Japan

Progress in Low Temperature Physics, 1st Edition

1.Energy Spectra in Qquantum Turbulence, M.Tsubota and M. Kobayashi
2. Turbulent Dynamics in Rrotating Helium Superfluids, V.B. Eltsov, R. de Graaf, R. Hanninen,M. Krusius, R.E. Solntsev, V.S. L’vov, A.I. Gorov and P.M. Walmsley
3. Quantum Turbulence in Ssuperfluid 3He at Very Low Temperatures, S.N. Fisher and G.R. Pickett
4. The Use of Vibrating Structures in the Sstudy of Quantum Turbulence, L. Skrbek and W.F. Vinen,
5. Visualization of Quantum Turbulence, S.W. Van Sciver and C.F. Barenghi
6. Capillary Tturbulence on the Surfaces of Quantum Fluids, G.V. Kolmakov, M.Y. Brazhnikov A.A. Levchenko, L.V. Abdurakhimov, P.V.E. McClintock and L.P. Mezhov-Deglin
7. Quantized Vortices in Atomic Bose-Einstein Condensates, K. Kasamatsu and M. Tsubota
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