Handbook of Cognitive Science

Handbook of Cognitive Science, 1st Edition

An Embodied Approach

Handbook of Cognitive Science, 1st Edition,Paco Calvo,Toni Gomila,ISBN9780080466163

Calvo   &   Gomila   

Elsevier Science



229 X 152

An overview of recent developments in the understanding of cognition.

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The Handbook of Cognitive Science provides an overview of recent developments in cognition research, relying upon non-classical approaches. Cognition is explained as the continuous interplay between brain, body, and environment, without relying on classical notions of computations and representation to explain cognition. The handbook serves as a valuable companion for readers interested in foundational aspects of cognitive science, and neuroscience and the philosophy of mind. The handbook begins with an introduction to embodied cognitive science, and then breaks up the chapters into separate sections on conceptual issues, formal approaches, embodiment in perception and action, embodiment from an artificial perspective, embodied meaning, and emotion and consciousness. Contributors to the book represent research overviews from around the globe including the US, UK, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France, Sweden, and the Netherlands.


Professionals, researchers, and advanced students in cognitive science, psychology, and philosophy.

Paco Calvo

Affiliations and Expertise

Universidad de Murcia, Murcia, Spain

Toni Gomila

Affiliations and Expertise

Universitat Illes Balears, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

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