Generalisation of Geographic Information

Generalisation of Geographic Information, 1st Edition

Cartographic Modelling and Applications

Generalisation of Geographic Information, 1st Edition,William A. Mackaness,Anne Ruas,L. Tiina Sarjakoski,ISBN9780080453743

Mackaness   &   Ruas   &   Sarjakoski   

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240 X 165

Presents an up-to-date and detailed description of the advances in the field of map generalization and multiple representation

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Key Features

* State of the art review on multi scale representation techniques
* Detailed consideration of database requirements and object modeling in support of emerging applications (3D, mobile) and innovative delivery (map generalisation services)
* Illustration through existing map production environment implementations
* Consolidated bibliography (680 entries), 200 illustrations, author and subject index


Theoretical and Applied Solutions in Multi Scale Mapping

Users have come to expect instant access to up-to-date geographical information, with global coverage--presented at widely varying levels of detail, as digital and paper products; customisable data that can readily combined with other geographic information. These requirements present an immense challenge to those supporting the delivery of such services (National Mapping Agencies (NMA), Government Departments, and private business. Generalisation of Geographic Information: Cartographic Modelling and Applications provides detailed review of state of the art technologies associated with these challenges, including the most recent developments in cartometric analysis techniques able to support high levels of automation among multi scale derivation techniques.

The book illustrates the application of these ideas within existing and emerging technologies. In addition to providing a comprehensive theoretical underpinning, the book demonstrates how theoretical developments have translated into commercial systems deployed within NMAs.

The book explores relevance of open systems in support of collaborative research and open source web based map services.


Relevant to those interested in all aspects of modelling and visualisation of geographic phenomena, to researchers and practitioners in the field of Geographical Information Science, Informatics and Computer Science, and t* map publishers and NMAs

William A. Mackaness

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.

Anne Ruas

Affiliations and Expertise

IGN Laboratoire COGIT, St. Mande, France

L. Tiina Sarjakoski

Affiliations and Expertise

Finnish Geodetic Institute, Masala, Finland

Generalisation of Geographic Information, 1st Edition

1. Understanding Geographic Space (W.A. Mackaness).
2. Conceptual Models of Generalisation and Multiple Representation (L.T. Sarjakoski).
3. A Synoptic View of Generalisation Operators (N. Regnauld, R.B. McMaster).
4. Modelling the Overall Process of Generalisation (L. Harrie, R.Weibel).
5. Evaluation in the Map Generalisation Process (W.A. Mackaness, A. Ruas).
6. Databases Requirements for Generalisation and Multiple Representations (S. Mustière, J. van Smaalen).
7. A Real-Time Generalisation and Map Adaptation Approach for Location-Based Services (T. Sarjokoski , L.T. Sarjokoski).
8. Experiments in building an open generalisation system (A. Edwardes, D. Burghardt, M. Neun).
9. A data warehouse strategy for on-demand multiscale mapping (E. Bernier, Y. Bédard).
10. Relevance of Generalisation to the Extraction and Communication of Wayfinding Information(M. Sester, B. Elias).
11. 3D Building Generalisation (L. Meng, A. Forberg).
12. Characterising space via pattern recognition techniques: Identifying patterns in road networks(F. Heinzle, K-H. Anders).
13. Generalisation of Geographical Networks (R. Thomson, R. Brooks).
14. A Prototype of Generalisation based on the Multi-Agent System Paradigm (A. Ruas, C. Duchêne).
15. Managing Generalisation Updates in IGN Map Production (F. Lecordix, C. Lemarié).
16. Automated generalisation in a map production environment – the KMS Experience (P. West-Nielsen, M. Meyer).
17. Observations and Research Challenges in Map Generalisation and Multiple Representation (W.A. Mackaness, A. Ruas, L.T. Sarjakoski).
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