Proceedings from the International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology (AET2006)

Proceedings from the International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology (AET2006), 1st Edition

Proceedings from the International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology (AET2006), 1st Edition,Jackson Mwakali,ISBN9780080453125

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Jackson Mwakali

Proceedings from the International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology (AET2006), 1st Edition

Table of Contents Chapter One - Keynote Papers Water Quality Management in Rivers and Lakes Improvements Incorporated in the New HDM-4 Version 2 Chapter Two - Architecture Spatial and Visual Connotation of Fences (A Case of Dar Es Salaam-Tanzania) A Building Quality Index for Houses (BQIH), Part 1: Development A Building Quality Index for Houses, (BQIH), Part 2: Pilot Study Use of Wind-Tunnel Technology in Enhancing Human Habitat in Coastal Cities of Southern Africa Women Participation in the Construction Industry Chapter Three - Civil Engineering Studies on Ugandan Volcanic Ash and Tuff Comparative Analysis of Hollow Clay Blocks and Solid Reinforced Concrete Slabs Technology Transfer to Minimize Concrete Construction Failures Development of An Integrated Timber Floor System Considerations in Vertical Extension of Reinforced Concrete Structures Limited Study on a Change from Private Public to Government One Transport Systems Influence of Truck Load Channelization on Moisture Damage in Bituminous Mixtures The Effect of Merowe Dam on the Travel Time of Flood Wave from Atbara to Dongola Building Material Aspects in Earthquake Resistant Construction in Western Uganda Biosensor to Detect Heavy Metals in Waste Water Integrated Environmental Education and Sustainable Development Mapping Water Supply Coverage: A Case Study from Lake Kiyanja, Masindi District, Uganda Phosphorus Sorption Behaviours and Properties of Mbeya-Pumice Preliminary Investigation of Lake Victoria Groundwater Situation from Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer Data Comparison of Test Results from a Compacted Fill Dealing With Spatial Variability Under Limited Hydrogeological Data. Case Study: Hydrological Parameter Estimation in Mpigi-Wakiso Towards Appropriate Performance Indicators for the Uganda Construction Industry Developing An Input-Output Cluster Map for the Construction Industry in Uganda Regional Flood Frequency Analysis for Northern Uganda Using the L-Moment Approach Qualitative Analysis of Major Swamps for Rice Cultivation in Akwa-Ibom, Nigeria Efficiency of Craftsmen on Building Sitesstudies in Uganda Building Firm Innovation Enablers and Barriers Affecting Productivity Factors Affecting Productivity of Building Craftsmen- A Case of Uganda A Review of Causes and Remedies of Construction Related Accidents: The Uganda Experience The Rationale for Use of Decision Support Systems for Water Resources Management In Uganda The Need for Earthquake Loss Estimation to Enhance Public Awareness of Exposure Risk and Stimulate Mitigating Actions: A Case Study of Kampala Civic Center Chapter Four - Chemical and Process Engineering Particle Dynamics Research Initiatives at the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria Material Classification in Cross Flow Systems Application of Solar-Operated Liquid Desiccant Evaporative Cooling System for Banana Ripening and Cold Storage Fractionation of Crude Pyrethrum Extract Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Motor Vehicle Emission Control Via Fuel Ionization: "Fuelmax" Experience Modelling Bagasse Electricity Generation: An Application to the Sugar Industry in Zimbabwe Prospects of High Temperature Air/Steam Gasification of Biomass Technology Developing Indigenous Machinery for Cassava Processing and Fruit Juice Production in Nigeria Chapter Five - Electrical Engineering Feasibility of Conserving Energy Through Education: The Case of Uganda as a Developing Country Plastic Solar Cells: An Affordable Electricity Generation Technology Iron Loss Optimisation in Three Phase Ac Induction Squirrel Cage Motors by Use of Fuzzy Logic Propagation of Lightning Induced Voltages on Low Voltages Lines: Case Study Tanzania A Controller for a Wind Driven Micro-Power Electric Generator Reinforcement of Electricity Distribution Network on Praslin Island Chapter Six - Mechanical Engineering Electroporcelains from Raw Materials in Uganda: A Review A Novel Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Cycle Based on Gasification of Bagasse Energy Conservation and Efficiency Use of Biomas Using the E.E.S. Stove Field-Based Assessment of Biogas, Technology: The Case of Uganda Modelling the Development of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (Amt) in Developing Countries Chapter Seven - Geomatics Spatial Mapping of Riparian Vegetation Using Airborne Remote Sensing in a GIS Environment. Case Study: Middle Rio Grande River, New Mexico Chapter Eight - ICT and Mathematical Modelling 2-D Hydrodynamic Model for Predicting Eddy Fields Sustainability Implications of Ubiquitous Computing Environment A Mathematical Improvement of the Self-Organizing Map Algorithm Bridging the Digital Divide in Rural Community: A Case Study of Ekwuoma Tomatoes Producers in Southern Nigeria Strategies for Implementing Hybrid E-Learning in Rural Secondary School in Uganda Design and Development of Interactive Multimedia Cd-Roms for Rural Secondary Schools in Uganda on the Links Between the Potential Energy Due to a Unit-Point Charge, the Generating Function and Rodrigue's Formula for Legendre's Polynomials Virtual Schools Using Locolms to Enhance Learning in the Least Developed Countries Scheduling a Production Plant Using Constraint Directed Search A Negotiation Model for Large Scale Multi-Agent Systems Chapter Nine - Telematics and Telecommunications Digital Filter Design Using An Adaptive Modeling Approach Augmented Reality Enhances the 4-Way Video Conferencing in Cell Phones Design of Surface Wave Filters Resonator With Cmos Low Noise Amplifier The Fading Channel Problem and Its Impact on Wireless Communication Systems in Uganda Solar Powered Wi-Fi with Wimax Enables Third World Phones Ict for Earthquake Hazard Monitoring and Early Warning Chapter Ten - Late Papers New Building Services Systems in Kampala's Built Heritage: Complementary or Conflicting Integrals? Fuzzy Sets and Structural Engineering A Pre-Cast Concrete Technology for Affordable Housing in Kenya Environmental (Hazardous Chemical) Risk Assessment- Era in the European Union The Impact of a Potential Dam Break on the Hydro Electric Power Generation: Case of Owen Falls Dam Break Simulation, Uganda Lead Levels in the Sosiani Developing a Web Portal for the Ugandan Construction Industry Low Flow Analysis in Lake Kyoga Basin- Eastern Uganda Suitability of Agricultural Residues As Feedstock for Fixed Bed Gasifiers Numerical Methods in Simulation of Industrial Processes Mobile Agent System for Computer Network Management GIS Modelling for Solid Waste Disposal Site Selection An Analysis of Factors Affecting the Projection of An Ellipsoid (Spheroid) onto a Plane Solar Battery Charging Stations for Rural Electrification: The Case of Uzi Island in Zanzibar Surface Rainfall Estimate of Lake Victoria from Islands Stations Data Author Index* Keyword Index*

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