Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste, 1st Edition

Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste, 1st Edition,W. Alexander,Linda McKinley,ISBN9780080450100

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Key Features

* Presents a current critical review in designing, siting, constructing and demonsrating the safety and environmental impact of deep repositories for radwaste
* Addresses the fundamental principles of radioactive waste with up-to-date examples and real-world case studies
* Written for a multi-disciplinary audience, with an appropriate level of detail to allow a non-specialist to understand


This book presents a critical review of designing, siting, constructing and demonstrating the safety and environmental impact of deep repositories for radioactive wastes. It is structured to provide a broad perspective of this multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary topic: providing enough detail for a non-specialist to understand the fundamental principles involved and with extensive references to sources of more detailed information.

Emphasis is very much on “deep” geological disposal – at least some tens of metres below land surface and, in many cases, many hundred of metres deep. Additionally, only radioactive wastes are considered directly – even though such wastes often contain also significant chemotoxic or otherwise hazardous components. Many of the principles involved are generally applicable to other repository options (e.g. near-surface or on-surface disposal) and, indeed, to other types of hazardous waste.


Technical staff directly involved in radioactive waste management programmes; technical staff working on projects associated with such programmes; general audience seeking technical overviews of waste management programmes; waste producers; nuclear waste management companies

W. Alexander

Affiliations and Expertise

Wettingen, Switzerland

Linda McKinley

Affiliations and Expertise

Wettingen, Switzerland

Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste, 1st Edition

1. Introduction (L. McKinley, W.R. Alexander).
2. Waste sources and classification (D. McGinnes).
3. Development of the geological disposal concepts (I. McKinley, W.R Alexander, P.C. Blaser).
4. Site selection and characterisation (T. McEwen).
5. Repository design (H. Umeki).
6. Assessment of the safety and performance of a radioactive waste repository (P.A. Smith).
7. Repository implementation (C. McCombie).
8. Research and Development infrastructure (A. Hooper).
9. Building confidence in the safe disposal of radioactive waste (J.M. West, L. McKinley).
10. A look to the future (W.R. Alexander, L. McKinley, I. McKinley).
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